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Zaskia Sangkar was born on 8 December 1987, in Jakarta, Indonesia. She is 3 months younger than Shirley Bassey. She was born on 8 December but celebrated her birthday on 4 December. She is a full 8 months older than the former Miss Universe of the Philippines Pia Wurtzbach. Zaskia Sangkar’s Measurements Zaskia Sangkar is just a few centimeters shorter than her counterpart, Jenna Talackova, who became the first transgender contestant in the history of the Miss Universe 2014 competition. Zaskia Sangkar’s Body Measurements: As stated earlier, Zaskia Sangkar stands at a tall height of 5 feet 4 inches. Her measurements are 36-25-35. Her grandparents are both middle-aged Indonesians. Zaskia Sangkar’s Net Worth Zaskia Sangkar’s net worth is yet to be revealed.

Zaskia Sangkar Bio

The young lady’s mother inspired her to further her education, and she attended Jakarta State High School, from where she graduated. She briefly attended a technical school to learn cooking but she decided to take a break and began doing music. Read Also: Stephanie Coker Bio, Husband, Kids, Net Worth, Measurements, Family After learning to play the drums, she sang and wrote songs on the radio and became a member of a band called Streetlight. She adopted the stage name Zasky and started her music career. The band split up in 1999, and Zaskia decided to focus on solo projects. In 2002, she released her debut album Zaskin. Soon, she had signed a record deal with Warner Music Indonesia, but the record company reneged on their promise. That led her to go solo in 2004.

Zaskia Sangkar Net Worth

Zaskia Sangkar’s net worth is said to be around $4 million (Rp 105 billion) and counting. Her salary and compensation is far lesser compared to her colleagues in Bali, Indonesia. According to her, she had not gotten an advance salary before she became famous, but the company which handles her finances (Petamit) currently compensates her with $40,000 (Rp 35.8 billion) per month. Zaskia Sangkar Measurements Zaskia Sangkar is petite with a height of just 5 feet (163.6 centimeters) and a weight of 80kg (176.6 pounds). She was famously featured by The Biggest Loser Indonesia Season 4 as part of the episode where contestants were given makeovers. See Also: Brad Armstrong’s Wife, Age, Height, Body Measurements, Net Worth Zaskia Sangkar’s parents are both Filipinos.

Zaskia Sungkar
Zaskia Sungkar

Zaskia Sangkar Measurements

Zaskia is a young lady with a petite frame, standing at 5 ft 5 in. She has a petite figure with a fairly narrow waistline. Her small and perky breasts are quite pronounced, as is her cute face and cute nose. She has some long legs, as well as nice and slender fingers. She has a tiny waistline, tiny feet with a protruding sole, as well as small hands and fingers. Her breast size is on the smaller side, as is her body figure, but there is nothing that is not perfectly acceptable. Zaskia Sangkar Measurements, Weight The young actress is a plump lady with a bigger belly, weighing about 50kg. She doesn’t even consider herself overweight and sticks to her normal lifestyle, still occasionally enjoying a glass of beer.


Zaskia Sangkar Height

Zaskia is a girl with a height of 5 feet and 4 inches. She weighs 45 kilos. Zaskia Sangkar Measurements Zaskia is of average weight. She has no tattoos, and her hair is a dark black color. Zaskia Sangkar’s Facts Sangkar attended the Bogor State Girls’ School where she made a name for herself as an intelligent student. The young Zaskia was said to have an analytical mind and an inquisitive nature. Sangkar received her Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Universitas Prijadiah, Jakarta. Zaskia Sangkar’s Parents Zaskia’s parents both held great influence in her upbringing. Zaskia’s father, Roshdy, was a career diplomat who served in the Indonesian foreign ministry. Zaskia was born into a famous family, and her mother was a journalist at the national newspaper, “Kompas”.

Zaskia Sungkar
Zaskia Sungkar

Zaskia Sangkar weight

She also studied at the American University in Bali and has studied Film and Television Production. She has a strong accent that people claim to be based on Timor Leste and Indonesia. Her Life Story She attended various events with her family. She was almost always attracted to music and in 2007, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in singing and dancing. She found a home in the Los Angeles street scene and was there when her family relocated to the US. Soon she became known in the gay community for her works in music videos and dance films. She was also a big part of DQM’s Dream Awaken campaign, in which she made her first porn video titled, “Rubber Tub.” She also worked with Sifr, Adrianna Daniella and other models and actors.

Family Facts about her life story

When she was in the 5th grade, she wrote an entry for her school science project on a type of low gravity where gravity is literally felt by people rather than predicted by physics. The reaction to her work was so big, the government and private companies made it mandatory for all middle school students to do a science project. This spurred her interest in science and, to the surprise of her parents, in aerospace engineering. Zaskia did not have much interest in academics. She wanted to pursue a career in singing and dancing. She attended several auditions before she finally got a chance to audition for the house band of the New York underground band, Liquid Liquid. She eventually got signed up for a recording contract, and she and her then-partner formed the group SeaSwift in 2002.

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