Wifi Cable Price in BD

Today I will talk about a very important issue that is wifi cable or wifi cable price? Most of us who live in cities have WiFi in our homes and it is seen that many villages already have wifi lines. In fact, we may need wifi wires when taking the line or at any time. But you can also cheat by not knowing the exact price. So let’s see how much is the price of the wifi cable?

Wifi cable price bd

Wifi wire price wifi cable price in bd:

wifi cable belongs to different companies and the price of different companies varies. However, you can buy it from 9 Tkper meter to 15 Tk.

What it takes to run Wifi:

If you want to take wifi line you don’t have to do anything just call them and tell them you need a line. If you only have one router, they will do the rest.

How much is the Wifi monthly bill:

It depends on how many Mbps you run and how much your monthly bill will be. However, there are packs up to 400 – 2000 or more.

What is the price of optical fiber cable:

You will get the price of Fiber 4 cores at Rs. 12-15 per meter and 2 cores at Rs. 7-8.

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