5 reasons why a smartphone is damaged

Nowadays we are living in an area where we can’t walk for a moment without a smartphone. Smartphones have become an important part of our daily lives due to the advanced technology of science. But we are responsible for the rapid deterioration of the smartphone. So let’s find out about the five bad habits of losing a smartphone:

(1) Using cheap chargers or cables

Usually, we spend thousands of rupees to buy a smartphone but we use a cheap charger or cable to charge the phone. And this less expensive charger of yours is largely responsible for the rapid destruction of your smartphone. There are also cases of many smartphones exploding, usually using low-quality chargers and cables. Moreover, due to the use of these cables and chargers, the performance of the smartphone gradually decreases, and at some point, it gets damaged. And not only that, it takes a long time to charge the smartphone with a low-quality charger and because of this the smartphone also gets hot.


You need to use a good-quality charger or cable to prevent the phone from exploding and getting damaged. And in this case, you don’t just have to use quality things, you have to take care of them properly. The cable cannot be twisted just to keep it good. And we have to be very careful not to damage our smartphones.

(2) Not using glass paper on smartphone

There are usually many of us who do not use glass paper on smartphones. As a result of not using glass paper on the smartphone, there is a possibility of damage to the smartphone in many more ways. And usually, if the glass paper is not dead, the display may burst due to small injuries. And it can usually cause smartphone explosions. So usually we should use glass paper to save the smartphone from this damage.

In general, the use of glass paper does not damage the smartphone, as well as the beauty of the smartphone, is greatly enhanced. Therefore, glass paper should be used to protect the phone.

5 reasons why a smartphone
5 reasons why a smartphone

(3) Due to not charging properly

Usually, we suffer from battery drain or swelling due to not charging the smartphone properly. Again, many people have the habit of charging the smartphone before going to sleep at night. And because of this habit, your battery can be damaged because the battery is overcharged as a result of charging overnight. And usually, this causes the smartphone to overheat and this can lead to the battery exploding. So in no way can the phone be left on charge overnight.

The battery lasts longer if you follow some rules when charging. If the battery is charged above 20 to 30%, the phone should not be charged. Again, the battery should not be charged even if it is completely empty. So you have to charge the battery when it is 5-20% charged then the battery stays good and lasts a long time.

(4) Do not use the case on the smartphone

Usually, there are many of us who do not use smartphones. And because of this, usually, our phones can be damaged in various ways. Small causes can cause a lot of damage to the phone, in addition to the phone can be a variety of stains on the back. Moreover, when you use a case on your smartphone, the beauty of your smartphone will be greatly enhanced.

 And this case will protect your phone from various kinds of dangers. Especially if you are unconscious, if the phone falls out of your hands, then there will not be much damage if the case is attached to your phone. But if you do not have a case on your phone can be a big loss to your phone. So be sure to use gas to protect your phone.

(5) Not giving protection to the smartphone

There are usually many of us who just know how to type using smartphones but we don’t update the apps regularly. Moreover, we do not do other updates of the device due to which different types of viruses attack our smartphones. And usually, to avoid this danger, the security of the smartphone needs to be updated regularly. And usually, this update will ensure the speech correction and security of the smartphone.

Moreover, you should not put any nonsense app on the smartphone. Generally, there are many types of Palestar apps that are unreasonable, all these apps steal the user’s information and put the smartphone at risk. So don’t use any kind of nonsense app on your phone unless necessary.

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