Who is Nunu Datau? Who Is Her Husband? How Old Is She? What is Her Height, Weight, and Measurements?

Nunu is an Indonesian actress and pop singer. She began her career at the age of 9, as a guest star in Cinta Hasip Rapat on RCTI in 2011. Nunu was then introduced to further public prominence in 2013, after she was cast in the television series A Girl from Luang Prabang. Who is Nunu Datau’s husband? Nunu Datau’s husband is Kartik Ananda. Her ex-husband is a jazz guitarist for Indonesian jazz bands. Both of them are directors in Indonesia’s entertainment industry. What is Nunu Datau’s height? What is her weight? What is her current weight? Nunu Datau is 5 ft 8 in tall. She weighs 96 kgs. What is her facial appearance? Nunu Datau has a curly black hair, which she normally ties into a bun. She is often seen with a tight black head-dress when on stage. What is her beauty routine?

Who is her husband?

Her husband is Denny Beng Tjiong who is an Indonesian actor. She is of Chinese descent, although this did not stop her from marrying Beng Tjiong, as her name or “Nunu” are from the Hakka tribe. Nunu is widely known as “Happily Married Nunu” and a couple with that name became a couple back in the days when they were still students in a College in Indonesia. Nunu is known to have proposed to Beng Tjiong on April 30, 2002. Her proposal was complete with a beautiful white dress and her gold engagement ring. The couple who are now blessed with a baby girl, NorIng, got married in 2006 in a private wedding ceremony in the north of Jakarta. What is Nunu Datuk’s Body Measurements? How Old is She? What is Her Height, Weight, and Measurements?

How old is she?

She is 23-years old. How tall is she? 5′ 5″ (1.68m). What is her weight? 71 kg. What is her height? 5′ 7″ (1.73m). Her husband’s name is Michael Rex Dibakar What is her husband’s occupation? According to some articles, she is currently separated from her husband as it is believed that he had an affair with another woman. When was her marriage announced? After she became a household name in 2009, it was announced that she has been married with actor Michael Rex Dibakar. The couple got married on August 14, 2014, when it was announced that the couple had a baby girl named Teena Dibakar. Where is her husband from? Michael Rex Dibakar is from Macau. He was also named the male celebrity with the lowest salary in 2015.

What are her measurements?

Her measurements are 65.9-23.1-86.9 centimeters (27.9-11.8-64.3 inches). What is her husband’s name? Her husband’s name is Richard Azlan. He is a Malaysian Actor. They got married in 2011 and have a daughter. How old is Nunu Datau? What is her birthday? Nunu is 29 years old. She was born on 24 October 1988. What was her acting career? Her acting career began at nine years old and at the age of 12, she rose to fame. She appeared in many TV Series and Movies as a child. She started acting on movies in 2005. She has since appeared in numerous movies such as “Hantu Letak Kabisa” and “Dari Sucipto”. Her husband is Australian actor Steve Bastoni.

Where can you find more about her?

Born on May 29, 1990, in Jakarta, Nunu Datuk began her career as a street performer in 2002. Five years later, she joined the touring team of Sutoyo, a contemporary dance company, and became a backup dancer. Nunu began appearing in Indonesian feature films in 2008 when she played a minor role in the film “Crab People”. Then, she starred as a leading role in “Spirit In The Sky” in 2013. How old is Nunu Datuk? Nunu Datuk is 27 years old and is not married. She is based in Indonesia. What is her husband’s name? Nunu Datuk’s husband’s name is Loui Martinus. She married the 26-year-old on December 14, 2016, in Bali. How did Nunu Datuk meet her husband? According to Nunu Datuk, she met her husband at a dance event. She also reveals that she liked his charisma and called him right away.


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