Vivo X50 ProThe Best Selfie Phone?


Design and Specs

The Vivo X50 Pro has a few important things to keep in mind. For starters, it has a glass back with a glossy finish, which is always a good thing, and that also helps the smartphone get very slippery when you try to use it with one hand. What’s more, this is one of the most premium looking smartphones I’ve used in a long time, the gold paint job actually makes the device look different to most other Vivo devices out there. The smartphone also feels very solid and well built, something I don’t say about many flagships these days. It measures 159.6 x 77 x 7.8 mm, and has a thickness of 8.8mm, which is slim but not super light, as is the norm for most smartphones these days. Vivo X50 Pro, © AndroidPIT by Irina Efremova The device has a 5.99-inch display with an 18.


Vivo has not really understood the fundamentals of smartphones and hence all its phones fall far short in the performance department. The Vivo X50 Pro is no exception. It is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 SoC and it packs 6GB of RAM, which is a lot more than the iPhone XS, but the phone lags like a whore in a sauna when it comes to performing multiple tasks at a time. Apps like Facebook and Twitter do not load for a few seconds and it gets really hot during heavy processing. So yeah, you should buy a good smartphone instead. The gaming performance is alright as it gets the job done but the Vivo X50 Pro does not support external GPUs at this time. Overall, it is a decent performer but it is far from being a powerhouse.

Vivo X50 ProThe Best Selfie Phone


The Vivo X50 Pro features a 12MP+5MP dual camera set up on the back. The primary 12MP sensor has f/2.4 aperture while the secondary 5MP secondary sensor has f/2.4 aperture. The 24MP front camera has f/2.0 aperture. The camera is an improvement over the Vivo X21’s, which featured a 12MP primary sensor with f/2.0 aperture and a 5MP secondary camera with f/2.4 aperture. The 24MP sensor with f/2.0 aperture now has the secondary 5MP sensor to improve picture quality while taking selfies. The extra 5MP sensor reduces the amount of graininess in your selfies. When shooting in Portrait Mode, both the cameras take an RGB and mono image, and combine them to make a Bokeh effect. The portrait mode in the Vivo X50 Pro is far better than the one on the Vivo X21.

Battery Life

The Vivo X50 Pro comes with a 4,200 mAh battery unit, which claims to deliver up to 27 hours of music playback, 12 hours of Wi-Fi web browsing and 18 hours of HD video playback. According to Vivo, the phone is able to survive “two days” of heavy usage on a single charge. I used the Vivo X50 Pro extensively for a week before it gave up the ghost. The phone lasted me for a day on a single charge without giving me any reason to complain. The battery life is average for a flagship phone. Vivo X50 Pro Review: Design and Display The Vivo X50 Pro has a near bezel-less design, which is almost unheard of for a phone with such a high screen-to-body ratio. The phone has a glass back, which is curved on the sides and the edges.

Vivo X50 ProThe Best Selfie Phone


The Vivo X50 Pro is probably the best selfie phone you can buy right now. It comes with a 4-In-1 Beautification app, which, on the fly, improves its skin tone to add depth and the overall quality of the selfies. The rear camera is a 12-megapixel shooter with a f/2.0 aperture and the front camera is a 20-megapixel unit with a f/2.0 aperture. The rear camera has a mechanical zoom and the front camera has a dedicated LED flash. The rear camera is not the fastest, but it’s decent enough to use indoors and in lower light conditions. As with all smartphone cameras, results vary from person to person, but in low light conditions, I found the Vivo X50 Pro to perform fairly well.


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