The Independance Day Of Bangladesh – 26th March, 2021 Celebration

Hello, Dear Welcome to The Independence Day Of Bangladesh – 26th March 2021 Celebration! Today, we feel proud as a nation for how far we have come in only a little less than half a century since independence. But not only is today a moment of elation for us all, but it is also one of grief and mourning. The massacre that the barbarous Pakistani military junta embarked upon on March 25, 1971, has left permanent scars on our collective conscience.

As we observe Independence Day today, we pay our deepest respects to the Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu, for his unparalleled role in Bangladesh becoming an independent nation. Bangabandhu’s leadership and guidance during those tumultuous times will forever remain unmatched in the country’s history.

We also feel there is a need for deep introspection to assess what we, as a country, can do for a more egalitarian and just society that our martyrs gave their lives for.

Bangladesh Independence Day

Man can’t live without at large. Facing many serious problems East Pakistan has earned & established the name of Bangladesh. We say short words 26th March is the independence day of Bangladesh but getting the name we lost a huge member of freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for Bangladesh. Freedom fighters have fought for nine months and the name of Bangladesh into the map of the earth. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared the independence of Bangladesh on 26th March. Every year Bangladeshi people observe independence day with a cheerful mind in varieties steps on 26th March.

Bangladesh Independence Day On 26th March


Timing of Independence Day, Bangladesh

Date Year Day
26th March 2020 Thursday
26th March 2021 Friday
26th March 2022 Saturday
26th March 2023 Sunday


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