uThe 10 most talked abot smartphones in the world market at the moment

Hey guys, today I will share The 10 most talked-about smartphones in the world market at the moment in this article. There are many more and more expensive mobile phones in the world today. All the mobile companies in the world are leaving the market with the same facilities and the same process so today I will share with you what kind of mobile phone is ahead in the world market.

The 10 most talked-about smartphones in the world

I myself will discuss which smartphone is ahead in the current world smartphone market and which is ahead of which.

1.The reign of the iPhone X is over. He had to give way for a new king.

2.And that is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The phone has been at the top of the global market for the last 7 days since it went on sale.

3.Even the iPhone X has lagged behind the iPhone 8. As a result, the phone is now at number three in the rankings. However, the sale of the phone has not started yet. The phone will be available in the market from November 3.

4.iPhone 8 has been available in the market since the 22nd of last month.

5.The Samsung Galaxy, which was launched last July, is one step down and in fourth place. The next two places are occupied by two smartphones of Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi.

6.The Xiaomi Mi A1, which went on sale in September, is in fifth place. And the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 that came into the market last January is in 6th place.

7.The Samsung Galaxy S8 is in 7th place. This phone came on the market last April. And the Chinese company’s Vivo V Plus 6 is at number 7 on the list. The phone went on sale early last month.

8.The Apple iPhone 8 Plus, which was launched on the 22nd of last month, is in ninth place.

9.And Nokia 7 in the tenth place. This great mid-budget phone from Nokia came on the market last January.

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