Tesla Phone Max 5G Release Date, Specs & Price

Tesla Phone Max 5G: Release Date, Price, Specs, Feature, Review, and Specifications! At Present, there are many smartphone Brands available in the Local Market. Among all of the Brands, Tesla Phone Max 5G is the best. It has very Quality Technology. Many peoples are waiting here when coming to the new Handset. Dear Friend, Who the peoples want to buy the Tesla Phone Max 5G new Handset? Before buying the Tesla Phone Max 5G new Handset, just Check the Details of the phone.


Release Date of the Phone

At Present, there is a brand named HMD Global which is the new company that is producing smartphones and Tesla Phone Max 5G. This new Company is the supplier of the Tesla Phone Max 5G phone. It is the news for many people. The release date of the Tesla Phone Max 5G X91 is slated to be in this month of April 2018. If you want to buy Tesla Phone Max 5G new phone, then, your chance is not low to purchase the Tesla Phone Max 5G new phone. Specifications of the Phone Tesla Phone Max 5G has similar specs which are like other phones in the market. The Qualcomm, Asahi Acoustics, Bionic Bass+ Speakers, and Infrared Sensor. Along with these, it has a rear camera of 13MP which is accompanied by an LED flash and 4K video recording. The rear camera is also equipped with OIS and autofocus technology.

Tesla Phone Max 5G Release Date, Specs & Price


There is no confirmation on the price of this Tesla Phone Max 5G phone in the US. There are rumors that it will cost 5,199 USD (United States Dollar). Tesla hasn’t said anything about the price, but we attempted to predict what might happen.


Camera The cameras are used to take photos, now these cameras have become a piece of essential and personal equipment to take photos. There are so many types of camera phones, but the one of best camera phones is the Tesla Phone Max 5G. Now, these phones have a 5MP camera and 8MP Camera, that is arranged on the front. All camera also has a flash. But it has not large and big for taking photos. And if you are using the phone as an average user, you will not like to use this. So, it means this phone has the best camera. But if you are a professional photographer and you are very lucky and good at taking photos then this phone is also suitable for you.


The handset is the Leading Operating System Which we know in our heads. If we have a phone with the Tesla Phone Max 5G name in our head, then you can definitely do the same. Currently, many people are looking to buy the Tesla Phone Max 5G Lumia 720. And if you want to see the real Character of the Tesla Phone Max 5G brand, then you have to have a glance at the Tesla Phone Max 5G X91 which comes with Microsoft OS. It is the Windows Phone OS. It is the latest Operating System. Windows Phone OS is the enhanced version of the Windows Mobile Operating System. The handset has very beautiful. It is the latest phone with a Smartphone User Interface. The word User Interface is used in the Smartphone. Features This phone comes with a lot of features. Below are the features of the Tesla Phone Max 5G X91. 1. We have the feature phone with Local call control. 2.


The CPU in the new Tesla Phone Max 5G X-series phone is from MediaTek. The phone is equipped with 1.4GHz A72, and ARM Cortex-A53 processors. The CPU of the phone has low power, low power usage, and even longer battery life. The efficiency of the CPU provides a high-quality screen. The maximum screen space of the phone is 5.2-inch, the continuous power consumption is less than 1/2C and the efficiency of the CPU is 80% Processor Specifications A72*1 1.4GHz, ARM Cortex-A53 1.5GHz IMG_0096 Tesla Phone Max 5G X1 1.1 Samsung J8 Camera The Tesla Phone Max 5G X-series phone have a large camera lens. The new phone has dual-camera technology. It has an 8MP/13MP dual-camera technology. The dual-camera technology of the phone gives a convenient camera picture.

Camera Specification

Tesla Phone Max 5G X91 May Have A 16 MP + 8 MP Front Camera, Which Takes Great Photos While Calling, The People of Android Smartphone Can Make a Call On The X91. After making the call, They Can Check Their Phone And Send Messages. While Posting Photos & Videos Of People, The People of the Android Smartphone can also post it and share it with their Friends or Family. The Price Of Tesla Phone Max 5G X91 21 Months Old Now Tesla Phone Max 5G X91 The Price is Available with a First Year Manufacturer Warranty. As the Price of the Tesla Phone Max 5G X91 21 Months Old. Tesla Phone Max 5G X91 Specifications and Features The high-spec iPhone 8 Plus is pretty good, but with the sound and video, it’s about equally good. It also has a bigger screen and battery and some cool extras, but it costs more, and it doesn’t have a Face ID.


Though the Material is Plastic, It gives Brightness And Very Eye protection. It gives Comfort & Health. Camera This phone give a camera also. With the 2.0 Megapixel (VGA) it gives Quality. For taking the image, You just need to click & shoot the image. And it gives good quality. Android Although there are a lot of Android Handsets, this phone gives the kind of Android. It gives you Speed with the Best User Experience. The Platform It gives a powerful Operating system. With the Dual Core or Quad Core Processor, it gives a cool performance. Processor It gives a good power processor and Very Much power. RAM It gives good RAM. With the 2 GB (4 GB & 8 GB) it give a good Quality & Storage. Internal Memory This phone gives a Good internal memory.

Feature of the phone

The new Handset comes with an entire set of Amazing features. Here is the complete list of the amazing features of the new phone: It has a Powerful HD Camera It has a Voice Soft Phone It has Long Shooting mode It has Selfie Flash It has Multimedia Tools It has Super Focus feature It has Anti-virus Friendly It has Recessed lens It has Backlit Keyboard It has to Synchronize the Date and time in each of the time zone It has 3.5mm Mono Earpiece It has Corning Gorilla Glass It has Digital TV tuner It has Mobile Office It has Direct call It has Multimedia support It has Bluetooth 4.1 It has Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n It has Ethernet support It has Accelerometer It has Sends/Receives SMS It has Location-based push-to-talk (BT-PD) It has Bluetooth v2.

Review of the phone

Design and Build Like the Current Tesla Phone Max 5G Lumia smartphones, the Tesla Phone Max 5G X91 is also quite modern and stylish, from the material to the design. The phone is made of a new material called Aluminium Alloy, which is more than 90% nickel. The frame around the battery is metal and is coated with protective glass. The phone has a VGA camera, Touch and Volume Keys. The Front-Panel display is used with bright blue LED LED lights. The main body is made from Full-Lumen Aluminium Alloy. The phone is very slim. But the phone’s thickness is 7.5mm. The whole unit is also water resistant. The handset is around 92.6mm tall and 65.2mm in width. Screen and Sound The phone has a very small and weak screen, with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels.

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