Teletalk Shotobrosho 17GB Free Internet Offer 2021

Teletalk is the only state-owned mobile phone company in Bangladesh. This time on the occasion of Mujib’s year, the Teletalk operator is giving away the Shotobrosho package SIM for free. Those above 18 years of age can collect this SIM from Teletalk Customer Care. This SIM has the most attractive offer of 17 GB of internet. There are also attractive call rates and other affordable internet packages. Customers of other prepaid packages of Teletalk operator will also be able to enjoy these attractive internet and call rate offers by migrating for Shotobrosho.

Who Can Get Teletalk Shotobrosho And Where Can It Be Found?

Teletalk Shotobrosho SIM is for those citizens of Bangladesh who are above 18 years of age and can collect this SIM with their NID card. They are getting this SIM completely free but they have to go to Teletalk Customer Care to collect this SIM. However, only those citizens who have not taken any Teletalk SIM with their NID card before or have only one Teletalk SIM with their NID card will be able to collect this SIM. However, the question is how many Teletalk Shotobrosho SIMs can be taken with a national identity card?

  • If you do not have Teletalk SIM registration with your NID, you can take a maximum of 2 SIMs.
  • If Teletalk has a SIM registration with your NID, then you can take only one Shotobrosho SIM.
  • If you have two or more Teletalk SIM registrations with your NID, you will not be able to take SIM for Shotobrosho.

Special SIM will be available at Teletalk Customer Care Center. You need to recharge 100 TK at the time of purchase of SIM and this 100TK will be in your original balance. Balance check *152#.

Teletalk Shotobrosho Free SIM Special Offer

  • 17 GB free internet.
  • 100 minutes free talk time.
  • 100 SMS free.
  • Validity 30 days.
  • Dial * 152 # to check everything.
  • This free offer is only available once.

Teletalk Shotobrosho SIM Special Internet Offer

  • 2 GB internet 17 taka recharge or dial*111*17 #. Validity 15 days.
  • This internet offer can be purchased once every 15 days and maximum two times per month.
  • Dial * 152 # to check internet balance.

Teletalk Shotobrosho SIM Special Call Rate Offer

  • 34 paisa recharge 45 paisa / min, validity 10 days.
  • 79 taka recharge 45 paisa / minute, validity 30 days.
  • The recharge amount will remain in the balance.
  • Dial * 152 # to check balance.

Teletalk Shotobrosho SIM Prepaid Package

  • 47 paisa / min to any local number.
  • 1 second pulse.
  • SMS 30 paisa.
  • Pay-per-use1Taka MB.

Rules for migrating to the Shotobrosho  package

To migrate to the Shotobrosho package, send ‘S100’ from your Teletalk connection to 888 (free of charge). Customer will receive package migration notification SMS within 72 hours of SMS delivery. If for any reason the migration is not successful, you need to contact the nearest customer care with that SMS.

So the citizens of Bangladesh who have not purchased any Teletalk SIM with their NID card before or who have purchased only one Teletalk SIM will be able to collect this Teletalk Shotobrosho SIM. So go to Teletalk Customer Care as soon as possible and collect the Teletalk  Shotobrosho SIM.

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