Teletalk Bondho SIM Offer 2021- Bondho All Offer

Teletalk is actually giving an interesting offer back to the Bondho SIM. Teletalk is the only government mobile operator in Bangladesh. Teletalk always has internet available at special call rates and special prices. For that, Teletalk is a mobile operator company of choice for all classes of people. Today I am going to discuss the offers of Teletalk off SIM.

Read my article carefully to know more about Teletalk Bondho SIM Offer. To get the Teletalk Bondho SIM offer, your SIM must be off for three months or more. Then your SIM will come under Teletalk Off SIM Offer.

Check Teletalk Bondho SIM Offer

How do I check the Teletalk Bondho SIM Offer? This is a very common question. This question is asked by almost everyone. How do I know if my SIM is covered by a closed SIM? You can check if your SIM is covered by the two way off SIM offer.

  • One is from any Teletalk number: From the Teletalk number, you have to go to the message option of the mobile and write your closed number and send it to 112 number.
  • The other is from any number: Go to the message option of any mobile and type <AUG> <number> and send to 112 number. E.g. AUG 0155xxxxxxx send to 112
  • If you are under Teletalk Off SIM Offer then you can enjoy the following offers.

2 GB offer on Teletalk Bondho SIM at 16 Taka

Teletalk is offering 2 GB for 16 rupees in a Bondho SIM offer. If you want to take, you just have to recharge 18 takas. With it, you will get a special call rate and minutes.

  • The basic balance is 18 rupees.
  • 2 GB for 16 rupees.
  • Use time 7 days.
  • The Internet can be used in 24 hours.
  • To check balance dial * 152 #
  • 20 minutes, validity for 3 days.
  • 45 paisa call rate on any number, validity 30 days.

23 taka recharge offer 

Besides, when you go back to the SIM where Teletalk is Bondho sim, you will actually get 23 takas (once) if you recharge (maximum 12 times in 12 months) you will get 2GB of data. Which will be valid for seven days.

  • Recharged 23tk will be credited to the customer’s original balance.
  • 45 paisa per second call rate which is valid for 1 month.
  • 2 GB internet.

Teletalk offers 1GB, 2GB, 3GB Bondho SIM

Teletalk Off SIM Offer There are also the following offers that will become active when recharged.

Quantity Recharge amount Expiration
1 GB 45 rupees 1 month
2 GB 6 rupees ৩০দিন
3 GB 36 rupees 7 days

If you have any problem understanding during the discussion, you can ask your question in the comment box below. Thanks for taking so long to read my registration.

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