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Teletalk Minute Offer 2021

Teletalk is the only state-owned mobile phone company in Bangladesh. With 4G internet service, Teletalk operator is expanding its service sector day by day. Although the number of Teletalk operators is less, this number is increasing day by day. Teletalk operators have come up with interesting minute offers for customers. Teletalk operators have come up with this minute offer at an affordable price to give their customers the best opportunity. Today in this post we will discuss the minute offers of Teletalk operator. For the convenience of those who are looking for Teletalk Minute offers, this is our post today.You can find out more about your Teletalk Minute packages from this post. This post contains the packages Teletalk Minute offers and their price, activation code and validity.

Teletalk minutes offer

We now rely on mobile phones to communicate and talk. So Teletalk operators are offering excellent minutes to make their customers’ communication easier. Short Minute Offer to Teletalk at 13Taka 25 Minutes This offer is valid for 2 days, Teletalk subscribers are also getting 80 minutes at 44 taka, validity is 5 days and Teletalk’s largest minute package at 101Taka.You will get 175 minutes for 101 taka as well as 97 SMS with a validity of 10 days. With this minute you can talk to any operator. Let’s see how we can purchase these minute packages now and see their activation codes.

Teletalk Minute Offer
Teletalk Minute Offer


25 Minute Package
  • 25 minute for 13 Taka.
  • Activation code *111*13#.
  • Any operator
  • Validity 2 day

80 Minute Package
  • 80 minute for 44 Taka
  • Activation code *111*44#.
  • Any operator
  • Validity 5 day

175 Minute Package
  • 175 minute for 101 Taka
  • Activation code *111*1010#
  • Any operator
  • Validity 10 day

  • All prepaid customers can enjoy these offers.
  • Customers can purchase the offer by dialing the code.
  • Customers can avail this offer as many times as they wish.
  • Minutes can be used at any time of the day.
  • 1 second pulse will apply.

You can purchase the package of your choice from the packages mentioned above, but the Teletalk Minute offer does not have many packages. Use Teletalk SIM to eliminate foreign aggression. You can find all the information of Teletalk and other operators from this page. If you like the Teletalk Minute offer, don’t forget to like and share. Stay tuned to our page to be the first to know the correct information about all the offers.

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