Taletalk Internet Offer 2021

4G internet service mobile phone company owned by Teletalk Bangladesh. Its subscriber base is around 49 lakh.In the current age of internet, teletalk operators like other operators have become popular for internet services.Teletalk operators have come up with attractive and affordable internet packages to meet all the internet needs of their customers. Teletalk SIM internet service has become very popular especially among the students. Today we will discuss the internet packages of Teletalk SIM. This post is very useful for those who are looking for Teletalk operator internet packages. Here we are discussing what internet packages are, their prices, their activation codes and validity. Let’s not look at the Teletalk internet packages.

Teletalk Internet Package

In today’s modern age, the use of internet has spread all over the world. The popularity of internet in Bangladesh is much higher. Now all our work has become internet based. From job applications to education, sports, entertainment, medicine and foreign news, everything has become internet based. Teletalk operators have come up with these excellent internet packages to assess the needs of the customers. You can easily buy internet packages at affordable prices. The Teletalk Internet packages are discussed below.

Taletalk Internet Offer
Taletalk Internet Offer


Teletalk Internet Package

      Total MB
    Total Taka
      Activation Code

1 GB

27 Taka


7 day

3 GB

44 Taka


5 day

3 GB

66 Taka


10 day

10 GB

97 Taka


10 day

25 GB

198 Taka


10 day


49 Taka


30 day

2 GB

93 Taka


30 day

30 GB

344 Taka


30 day

  • Data Check – *152#

The packages mentioned above apply to all Teletalk SIMs. All Teletalk prepaid users will be able to purchase these. In addition, Teletalk Shagotom, Aparajita and Bronnomala packages have special internet offers. We post on this page to solve all your problems. If you have any information or problems, you can let us know. If you like our post, don’t forget to like and share. Stay tuned to our page to be the first to know the exact details of all the offers of any operator.

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