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Sukma Ayu was born on June 17, 1965 in Sangar, India. He comes from a family that was in great financial struggles. Due to the fact that he was born into this situation, he later discovered his talent in healing others. He then left India to study in the United States. He completed a Ph.D. in Philosophy and a doctorate in Ancient History. Sukma Ayu is a certified Ayurvedic practitioner that became interested in the practices of Reiki when he was a teenager. When he realized that he had a real passion for Reiki healing, he founded the Universal Healing Federation in 1996. In 2002, he went on to teach Ayurveda and Reiki at American Reiki Association. He still holds the position at the American Reiki Association today.

Sukma Ayu His Claim to Fame

Sukma Ayu has a history of being treated by celebrities and celebrities on the reality shows including, Big Brother, Laguna Beach, and more. The Ayurvedic Medic can trace his roots to the town of Mysore in India. He was born in 1965. He is reported to be of mixed Brahmin, Tibetan, and Hindu origin. He began the study of Ayurveda in India and later traveled to the United States. Although Sukma Ayu cannot claim to have authored any books on Ayurvedic medicine, he is an author on Reiki. He was said to have created the first terminology that reflects the use of energy in Reiki. He also conducted two series on the subject, “More Power to You” and “Be the Master.

Sukma Ayu

Sukma Ayu Reiki Healing

According to Ayu, Reiki is a spiritual gift that you possess by taking it upon yourself to be a healer. He believes in only using his abilities to help people. He says that God gave him the gift of healing and he will use it to treat whoever comes to him. Sukma Ayu Age, Family Sukma Ayu was born on December 30, 1962, in Thailand. His family are from the Thailand. His father, Chayanak Ayu, was born in a poor family that could not afford to give him the best education. His parents could not afford to send him to school but the teacher that sponsored Chayanak Ayu decided to pay for his education and he later became a teacher himself. Sukma Ayu was born during a time when education was very expensive.

Sukma Ayu The Future of Reiki

More questions about the future of Reiki could be answered as several clinics have sprouted up around the world that are offering it to their customers. To date, there is no conclusive information about the future of Reiki. It is assumed that some time next year, some of the clinics that offer Reiki may shut down and these clinics could be able to release more information about the future of Reiki. The Latest News about Sukma Ayu & Reiki It was in late 2013 that Sukma Ayu started releasing information about his time in jail and the things that happened during the time that he was in prison. The information about the time in jail was released in three phases. The first phase focused on his time in prison, where he and other prisoners were tortured.

Sukma Ayu Conclusion

Sukma Ayu Ayu is a multi-talented individual with a number of talents. His spiritual knowledge is renowned and he has been given the name ‘Pentecostal Buddha’. He is not as tall as it appears, he is around 5′ 9″ tall. Sukma Ayu Net Worth is not that high but it can be more easily accessed than some people think. Sukma Ayu Measurements, Age Sukma Ayu has stated that he is around 29 years old. He has not been able to state his exact age and date of birth. Sukma Ayu is not a saintly figure but his net worth is much larger than his age suggests. He is a revered man, and an ascetic. There is not much else to add here.


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