SSC Result 2021 by SMS [Official Format]

How to check SSC Result 2021 by SMS? Junior Secondary School Certificate – SSC Result by SMS is important to all examine. Most of the people are looking for the SMS System. They want to check their Result fast from mobile SMS. We have detected the issue in our current research and search queries. If you are also looking for this, you are welcome here. There are too many benefits are available on this. If you are using a feature phone, you can follow this process to check SSC Result 2021. You don’t have internet volume (Data) at this moment or Packet Data isn’t working, you can still check the Result by SMS. So, we recommend you to read the post completely. We have written it with complete information.

Official Mobile SMS System of Education Board Result 2021 is for all Public exam Results. So, anyone can check their SSC, SSC or HSC Result from Mobile SMS. Let’s check SSC Result by SMS from the below official Format.

SSC Result 2021 by SMS Fast Checking

Everyone wants to check their Result early and fast from others. Most of them select an online platform. But, there is some trouble detects when the Result online publishes. If you like or select an online method for your Result, you can still be sending a message.  We hope it will give your Results faster from online. Only 2.54 TK require for checking SSC Result by SMS. Are you ready to get your Result from your own Mobile Phone? If yes, you can try the SMS Format we have added to the below. Just keep ready the SMS format in your New Message and wait until the time of Publish the Result officially.

SSC Result 2021 Official SMS Format

Here is the official SMS Format that is available for you. It is powered by Teletalk Bangladesh Limited. Teletalk is the only Government Telecom operator in Bangladesh. It provides all Educational Service with Portal Number 16222. So, type the below message in your Message option:

SSC <space> First Three Letters of Board <space> Roll <space> Year

Then send the message to 16222. The SMS will show like SSC DHA 123456 2021. Just send the message and wait for your Result. The Result will be delivered to your Inbox shortly from 16222. It will carry Examine Name and GPA. It will also inform you that details Result will be available after 6 PM and Powered by Teletalk.

General conditions of SSC Result by SMS

Here are the details conditions available for SSC Result by SMS. You can hear it. It will help you to get your Result faster.

Send the message after publishing the Result

You just need to send the SMS incorrect Format

Every SMS to 16222 will charge 2.54 TK

Incoming SMS will be delivered to the Number used to send message

It may take several times to deliver the Result

Use multiple Messages to get Multiple Roll Result.

How to check SSC Result 2021 by SMS?

It is a big question that How to check my SSC Result 2021 by Mobile SMS. Most of the SSC Candidates are mobile users. They can easily check their own Result from their own Mobile Phone. It is very easy and simple. Just read the general condition’s again if you skip that.  Then, follow the below Mobile SMS Format and type it in your Mobile Message option. After typing the message, Send it to 16222 (After publishing SSC Result 2021). Only Roll Number is enough for checking the SSC Result by SMS.

Board Wise SSC Result 2021 SMS Format

Dhaka Education Board SSC Mobile SMS Format: SSC <space> DHA <space> 101235 <space> 2021 (SSC DHA 101235 2021)

Rajshahi Education Board SSC Mobile SMS Format: SSC <space> RAJ <space> 203810 <space> 2021 (SSC RAJ 203810 2021)

Chittagong Education Board SSC Mobile SMS Format: SSC <space> CHI <space> 301527<space> 2021 (SSC CHI 301527 2021)

Jessore Education Board SSC Mobile SMS Format: SSC <space> JES <space> 604523 <space> 2021 (SSC JES 604523 2021)

Barisal Education Board SSC Mobile SMS Format: SSC <space> BAR <space> 438700<space> 2021 (SSC BAR 438700 2021)

Dinajpur Education Board SSC Mobile SMS Format: SSC <space> DIN <space> 151059 <space> 2021 (SSC DIN 151059 2021)

Comilla Education Board SSC Mobile SMS Format: SSC <space> COM <space> 151050 <space> 2021 (SSC COM 151050 2021)

Sylhet Education Board SSC Mobile SMS Format: SSC <space> SYL <space> 102586 <space> 2021 (SSC SYL 102586 2021)

No more hidden conditions are available for SSC Result by SMS. But, you can send Multiple Message for your Single Roll Result. To do this, we recommend you to send the message from various operator numbers. The operator serves quality network service in your area, you can send the message from this operator. Probably, you will get your Result faster. If you need any more data, please let’s inform us now.

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