Sonya AC Bus Schedule, Counter address, number and ticket booking

Sonya AC bus ticket counter, number, counter address and location, bus schedule, online and offline ticket booking system are discussed in detail. You are aware that in addition to the Sonya AC bus on Dhaka-Tangail road, the AC bus is running regularly in the morning and evening. So, all the passengers who are going from Dhaka to Tangail and from Tangail to Dhaka are looking for the necessary information online. This article will be helpful to them. In the morning and evening and Sonya, AC buses are constantly plying on the Dhaka-Tangail road.

However, Sonya Enterprise (Dhaka – Tangail) bus schedule, ticket price, counter contact number, ticket booking system, and other necessary information are given here – which you are looking for.

Sonya AC Bus Ticket Price 

If any passenger is interested in traveling through the Sonya Enterprise AC bus service, it is important to know the ticket price. Tickets for the Sonya Enterprise AC bus cost only Rs 250. This fare is applicable for both Dhaka to Tangail and Tangail to Dhaka.

Sonya Enterprise AC buses from Khaleq Petrol Pump, Mirpur, Dhaka leave every 1 hour. You can book your ticket by calling. If the seat is not vacant for a certain hour, the seat needs to be checked for the next hour.

Sonya AC bus ticket counter number

Everyone is interested to contact the nearest counter number as Sonya AC Bus provides the desired service. So you can book the ticket by selecting the numbers mentioned below from the counter from which you want to collect the ticket and you can confirm your journey.

Counter location
Contact number
Tangail new bus stand 01977178797; 01912081358
Dhaka Bypass Counter 01797178797; 01912081358
Khaleq Pump, .ka 01724592058; 01704811006

How to cancel Sonya AC bus ticket?

Sonya follows the rules of canceling AC bus tickets. If any honorable passenger is interested in canceling the ticket for any reason, he can apply for cancellation of the ticket at least 6 hours in advance at the mobile number of the above-mentioned counter.

So the mentioned contact number is applicable for both ticket booking and ticket cancellation. Let us know in the comments for more information about Sonia AC Bus and wait for an informative reply from us.

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