Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G: Review, A stunning Foldable phone and a master piece

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G The Package

The Z Flip 3 isn’t too different than the standard Z model. It’s a combination of metal and plastic, with a 2-inch curved screen. The back of the phone looks very nice, with beautiful purple or green accents and a secondary camera lens that moves across the entire back of the phone. The flip has 3 physical buttons – the middle one being a fingerprint sensor. Flipping the phone around, the back of the phone has the Z logo, and there are 2 more lenses. I can’t tell much more about the back of the phone, because you’re just going to see it. You also see that there’s a USB Type-C port on the bottom of the phone, and Samsung says it’s IP68 certified. The foldable Samsung Galaxy Z3 can be used as a regular-sized phone or a large tablet.


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G Design

First off, this model is different than the one that released in China last month. This one has better bezels, which means that you can use it with one hand. The back of the phone has a glass back that feels nice in your hand, and I really wish it could have a different material. On the back, the logo is embossed into the glass. It’s the same ring that all of Samsung’s phones have, but I wish it looked a little bit different. There is an NFC chip on the left edge of the phone, which will definitely come in handy if Samsung includes its own version of Google Pay, as it has on the Galaxy S10. It’s hard to tell whether Samsung is doing that with the device, or if Samsung Pay is used. It’s difficult to say which is right, since the payments work both ways.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

Why I picked the Z Flip3 5G

I was worried Samsung was going to break with tradition and make a simple foldable phone. Instead, it’s spent the time to create a more premium, more refined version of the previous Z Flip models. I’m glad Samsung is sticking to this strategy, as I would be interested to see Samsung make a bendable phone that’s less sleek and less polished than what we’ve seen in the last year or so. More refined design While the previous Z Flip model was fairly unique, the new model looks more refined. Samsung has made an all-metal body with fingerprint and glare resistant coating. Samsung Pay has been implemented with full NFC functionality. Samsung also upgraded the included earbuds to make the entire experience more convenient. When the phone is folded, it feels well made and feels sturdy.


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G Performance

I’m going to focus on a few things about the hardware side of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G. The model comes in two colors, but only one is worth mentioning. This is because the second color is simply a nice camouflage pattern. Still, as you can see, the flip also comes with both a MicroSD card and a nano-SIM tray. However, the flap where you insert the microSD card is already in the wrong place on the left side of the flip. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G Hardware Specs For the most part, the 5G speeds on the flip are great. The phone never struggles to download data or even to share with a device via a third-party service. Overall, the phone runs like a boss. There’s only one exception when it comes to performance.


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G Video Quality

Video out is one of the best things about the Z Flip 3. I used it to test the YouTube app on the big screen, which it fully supports, and it came out great. The S2023 model is tested with the Samsung One Remote app that allows full control over the smartphone. Just find the option to control the TV when watching Netflix, and it can get to a certain point of the video on demand without interrupting what you’re watching on the phone. Samsung also added another feature to the TV app, that we first saw on the FlexPai. One can search for a TV show or movie and then see how it looks on the phone before clicking on the stream to watch. It’s the perfect way to make a quick decision, especially since the app is available on most mobile platforms.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G Photos Quality

I wasn’t sure how well the foldable experience would translate into images. Would the stylus and screen be hidden by the fold, and if so, would it be a non-story? Thankfully, this isn’t the case. There is no weird fold to see. In fact, it’s as open as a typical mobile device. Enlarge Image Josh Miller/CNET For the most part, the Z Flip 3 5G’s quality was similar to the Galaxy Fold in a lot of ways. The same goes for the Z2 as well. Colors are slightly more saturated (especially in the Z3’s white balance), contrast levels are a little higher and more accurate, but not a lot. Even minor shutter-bugs won’t have a hard time taking nice photos with this phone. Overall, the Z Flip 3 5G’s image quality was nothing special. The 5G (5.5-inch screen) and Z (6.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G Conclusions and Verdict

As I said, I’ve spent my time with the Galaxy Fold, and to be honest, it’s just not my cup of tea. The foldable format is interesting, but I think people should wait a bit for the foldables that are almost here (expected in 2020). The Z Fold 2 and Z Flip 2 weren’t as flashy, but I’ve got to give Samsung credit for the overall quality of these devices. For the most part, these phones feel almost like premium devices. Although the device is really thin and fragile, it doesn’t feel like it’s fragile at all. For those that like smaller screens, the Samsung Galaxy Fold is for you. It’s really fun to use, especially for watching YouTube videos and Snapchat photos. And for those that want a bit of extra screen, the Samsung Galaxy Fold makes a great option as well.


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