Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Everything We Know So Far about this Amazing Phone


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Here are all the ways Samsung has evolved the foldable to make it better than ever. It has a new hinge design and uses a new material to replace the film that made the first foldable foldable phone too fragile to handle. This is the first foldable phone that feels sturdy and durable. The Power button has moved from the top edge to the right side of the phone, which could make more room for the longer screen with a quad-display setup. The new device is thinner and weighs less than the original foldable phone, and the body has thinner bezels around the edges. This phone’s dual-layered screen is one of the top reasons to buy it. We can create many windows, and still have the device work with four apps at a time on the display.


The Samsung Galaxy Folds are better than ever

Samsung has enhanced its phones with the help of software and components. For example, the chips inside the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 are more powerful than the original and even the first foldable phone. The curved edges and flexible screen are also more durable and resistant to scratches. The battery inside the new foldable phone has been improved, too. Although Samsung did not disclose the new model’s capacity. The 3.5mm headphone jack has been ditched, but that’s a small sacrifice to make if you really want to experience the true utility of the foldable display. How Much is the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2? Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 costs around $1600 to buy. A tech importer says the handset is listed on JD.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2
Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

What’s new with the Fold 2?

  1. The display has been stretched from 7.3-inches to 9.3-inches to make it much easier to operate and use it with one hand. 2. But Samsung has managed to improve the sound performance to a very good extent. This foldable has a speakers integrated inside, which have improved to make the sound much more clear and accurate. 3. This is the first foldable phone to come with a storage of 8GB and 512GB. And it also comes with expandable memory of up to 512GB. 4. One of the biggest USPs of the phone is that it can be used in landscape mode, the vertically aligned display flips into a cover to cover mode. The inside cover has a special display, which can be turned into a conventional monitor. And you can connect the Fold 2 to an external monitor through a display dock. 5.


The unsightly notch is gone

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 comes with a small notch on the front display. The screen cover may feel fragile on your face, but it is not that big. A Samsung official revealed that it is only 4mm on the foldable phone. It is foldable too The Flex Mode allows you to fold your phone in half, and put it in your pocket. You will get a massive 7-inch tablet, or a 6.4-inch device. It will be perfectly usable, whether you are working or relaxing. Bigger display, better multi-tasking This is where the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 changes the game. It has a 5.5-inch screen on the inside, and a massive 7-inch tablet on the outside. The second display offers a better experience with multi-tasking. For example, you can have two apps running simultaneously, while using the second display.


More durable and versatile

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 has a 10.8-inch flexible OLED panel that folds backwards, keeping the screen accessible to the user at all times. The flexible OLED allows more than 95 percent of the user’s screen to be usable, while keeping only the active content visible. The screen itself is just 1.2 mm thin. In a foldable device, it is very important to make sure that the screen is not damaged when the device is folded back. For that, Samsung has improved the rigid glass panel, making it thicker at the top and bottom. The flexible OLED has been made of Corning Gorilla Glass 5. The in-folding mechanism has also been improved to make the phone-tablet hybrid a bit more durable. Moreover, it has been strengthened to allow for more flexion when in its folded position.



Even if the Galaxy Z Fold 2 isn’t the most exciting foldable phone ever created, it will still be a game changer for Samsung in 2019. It’s a must-buy for all the people who love the bendable-screen concept and who are unable to afford the prices for foldable-screen phones like the ones launched in the last few months. Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will arrive at the end of this year. Stay tuned to get updates on the official release date and pricing when it gets announced.


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