Robi SMS Package 2021

Robi operators have come up with Robi SMS bundle package for the convenience of their customers. The use of SMS abroad and in Bangladesh is increasing day by day. Robi operators have come up with Robi SMS bundle package keeping in mind the needs of their customers. In the modern age, SMS is one of the means of exchanging information. Robi operator is running at a constant pace keeping pace with the modern age. Robi Operator has helped to advance itself by integrating itself into the colorful world of modern day thinking, progressiveness and entertainment. Robi operators have brought Robi SMS bundle package for their customers to maintain their popularity. You can purchase SMS at very low prices from this SMS package.

Robi SMS Package

The demand and popularity of SMS in the modern era is huge. SMS is one of the means of communication in today’s society. SMS has become an essential medium of communication and exchange of information, especially among young people. Usually mobile phone users use SMS more. You are getting the best SMS offer in the country with Robi operator. Robi operators are offering cheap long term SMS packages to their customers. You can learn about different types of Robi SMS packages from this post. Robi operator’s can usually purchase your SMS directly with activation code or with My Robi app. However, you cannot buy SMS by recharging directly from Robi operator. All offers of Robi SMS Bundle Package are give.

 Total SMS
Activation Code

180 SMS (Any operator)

5 TK


30 day

450 SMS (Any operator)

10 TK


30 day

1400 SMS (Any operator)

20 TK


30 day

  • Dial *222 *12 # to check SMS package balance.

You can find information about Robi SMS package from our post. Robi customers can purchase SMS with activation code or My Robi app. However, if you have trouble purchasing SMS with someone’s activation code, you can purchase SMS without any hassle with My Robi apps. Stay tuned to our page to know all the information of Robi and other operators.

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