Robi MNP Offer 2021

MNP stands for Mobile Phone Portability. If you want to say more in Bengali, you can change the operator by looking at your number, this is MNP. Suppose your number is from Grameenphone. But you can come to Robi by MNP with that number. In other words, your number is correct but the operator has changed. Your number will be Robi. In that case the control of your SIM will go to Robi and you will get all the facilities of Robi. You need to recharge your mobile, says Robi.

So, friends, today I will discuss Robi’s MNP offer. In other words, I am going to discuss what kind of benefits you will get if you come to Robi from any other operator. So let’s get started, If you come to Robi from another operator, you will get 28 takas on your original balance and 50 paisa per minute call rate on any number for 6 months. You will also get two GB of the internet for free.

Robi MNP Offer Activation Bonus:

If you come to Robi by MMP from any other operator, you will get these benefits. 25 minutes talk time any number 30 days. 2GB internet validity for 30 days. 50 paisa per minute call rate any number 180 days.

Robi MNP minute bundle will be valid for 6 months

Robi MNP customer will get six months validity only if he activates any of the following offers. I mentioned the offers gradually

  • 25 minutes 14 rupees
  • 43 minutes 24 rupees
  • 128 minutes 93 rupees
  • 180 minutes 90 rupees
  • 215 minutes 118 rupees
  • 350 minutes 194 rupees
  • 153 minutes 113 rupees
  • 18 minutes 123 rupees
  • 360 minutes 214 rupees
  • To activate the above offers, you have to recharge the mentioned amount of money.

Some required codes for Robi MNP subscribers:

  • Main Account Balance Check * 222 # or * 3 #
  • Internet Balance Check * 8444 * 8 #
  • Minute Balance Check * 222 * 2 # or * 222 * 8 #
  • Check your number * 2 #

After six months, Robi’s MNP customers will be able to enjoy the same offer as Robi’s regular customers. In that case, there will be no additional benefits for you.

Thank you all. To read my registration full time. If you have any more questions about the Robi MNP offer, you can let us know by commenting.

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