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Robi E-Care 2021

Robi E-Care, the second largest network in Bangladesh, has been launched by Robi operators for the convenience of its customers. Robi operators have come up with the Robi E-Care system to make it easier for their customers to communicate and improve their lives. Today we have highlighted the benefits of Robi E-Care in this post and here are the benefits that you can enjoy and what activities you can do. You can. You can go to Customer Care just to replace your SIM but you can do all the other tasks yourself at home through Robi E-Care.
If you read our post today, you will know what services you are getting from Robi E-Care. We have highlighted all of them in this post.

Robi E-Care

You can download the Robi E-Care app from the Play Store of your phone and click on register and enjoy all the services of Robi E-Care with necessary information. Click on submit with a password, date of birth, national identity card number, e-mail address. You will be given a 4 digit PIN number and your registration will be complete. Once registered, enter your mobile number and password to log in to the app and login. You will then be able to enjoy services from the Robi E-Care app. Click the service you need inside the app and from there you can enjoy your service.

Robi E-Care 2021
Robi E-Care 2021

Advantages of Robi E-Care

  • You can purchase the internet package of your choice from Robi E-Care.
  • With Robi E-Care you can choose the Talktime package and SMS package of your choice.
  • If your phone is lost or your Robi SIM is lost, you can get your SIM back according to the information provided by Robi E-Care.
  • With Robi E-Care you can get all the health-related services.
  • At Robi E-Care you can enjoy entertainment services.
  • With Robi E-Care you can transfer up to Rs.500 to another Robi number.
  • If someone gives a gift to your number through Robi E-Care, you can see and enjoy it.
  • Moreover, you can make gifts to other Robi numbers.
  • If you have a problem with your SIM, you do not have to go to customer care.
    You can chat live with Robi e-Care at home and talk to Customer Care.
  • Besides, you can see the bonus and balance of your SIM through Robi E-Care.

Use your Robi E-Care app to get access to everything from Robi operators. In this post we have highlighted all the benefits of Robi E-Care. If you have any other information you can let us know and we will definitely answer them on this page.

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