Robi 599TK Bundle Offer, 2021

Robi is one of the popular networks in Bangladesh. Robi Network is the second-largest network in Bangladesh offering you 4.5G internet service. Like other operators in Bangladesh, the popularity of Robi operators is increasing day by day. Although the number of subscribers of Robi Network was less in the beginning, it has now spread all over Bangladesh. Robi Internet Service 4.5G High-Speed Internet Service. We have been meeting the needs of the customers of Robi, a powerful network in Bangladesh, from the very beginning. The Robi network has become stronger with the young people’s thinking and progress. Robi is always active in improving the means of communication, keeping abreast of all the world’s news, and strengthening its surroundings. Moreover, you will always get one or the other offer on the Robi network. Whether you are talking for a long time and communicating with the whole world or knowing the news, you are getting full assurance on Robi Network. Moreover, on Robi Network you will almost always get all the interesting offers according to your choice. In 2020 Robi Network has come up with an interesting offer of 599 tk.

Robi 599 tk bundle offer

You will get 599 tk attractive offers on Robi Operator. Now you don’t have to buy minutes, internet and SMS separately. To make your life easier, you will get one of these three offers on Robi Network without any hassle.You can find out about Robi 599 taka offers in this post. We will discuss in detail on this page about Robi 599 taka offer when these offers change later. Stay tuned to this page to learn more about all offers from Robi and other operators. When you recharge 599 tk in Robi SIM, you get 30 GB internet, 800 minutes talk time and 100 SMS for 30 days.

Robi 599TK Bundle Offer
Robi 599TK Bundle Offer

599 tk recharge – 30GB internet +800 minutes +100 SMS, for 30 days.

In this offer you get 800 minutes and 30 GB 4.5G internet for 599 taka with 100 sms. Those who talk on the phone for a long time and those who need unlimited internet can enjoy this offer. And you get 100 free SMS. So for customers who need talktime, internet and SMS, this offer is a standard package.

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