Robi 30 GB Free Internet Offer 2021

Robi operators, the second largest network in Bangladesh, have come up with an attractive bang offer for their customers. Robi is offering a high-speed network 4.5G internet service. Robi operator is giving you 30 GB of internet for free. The offer is not credible to many customers but the offer is really. We inform you about the interesting offers of all the operators by posting on our page, today is no exception. So today we have come up with 30 GB free internet from Robi operator. Many of you are wondering how you will get this offer, that’s why we posted today. In this post, you will learn how to get 30 GB free internet from the Robi operator and for which customers this 30 GB free internet offer is applicable. Let’s see how you can get 30 GB of free internet from the Robi operator.

Robi offers 30 GB free internet

High-speed network Robi operator has taken its place in the minds of the customers with 4.5G internet service and has solidified its position. Robi operators almost always offer their customers tasteful and quality internet. Internet is a daily necessity on which we all depend. Almost all of our work has now been internet-based. Robi operators have increased their subscribers to 30 GB free internet. However, this offer does not apply to all Robi Operator customers. If you are a subscriber of Robi Operator then you can try to see if it is applicable for this offer. Almost many customers of Robi operator have received this offer. To get 30 GB free internet you need to dial *123 *1495 * 1 # to this number. After dialing if your request shows successful then you will get a confirmation message. Then you will get a 30 GB free internet jar for 3 months. To check MB dial *8444*88 #. Then you enjoy Robi operator 30 GB free internet for 3 months.

Robi 30 GB Free Internet Offer 2021
Robi 30 GB Free Internet Offer 2021
  • Dial *123*1495#.
  • Show your request successfully.
  • Then you will get a confirmation message and you will enjoy 30GB of internet.
  • Data check *8444*88#.

However, customers of Robi Operator who do not receive a confirmation messages by dialing 123 1495 * 1 # will not be able to enjoy this offer. Only those who can enjoy this offer will get a confirmation SMS. On our page, you can find out about interesting offers from other operators besides Robi operator. Stay with our page. If you like the post, don’t forget to like and share.

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