Realme C25: An Amazing New Smartphone With No Compromises

Realme c25

One of the things that separate the Realme C25 from the Narzo 30A is its plastic body. Even though the Realme C25 and the Narzo 30A are both budget smartphones, they have quite different designs. The Realme C25 comes with a two-tone design, with a glossy black plastic bottom and a shiny shell on top. The plastic gives it a look similar to the iPhone XS (Review) but it also feels a little flimsy. It’s not a big deal, but it is a little strange since the Realme C25 has a glass back, which means the glass should feel a bit more premium. I also didn’t find it ideal for storing multiple SIM cards. The Realme C25 has a physical power button, which is pretty easy to find even in the dark, along with a volume rocker and a dedicated button for the camera.


The Realme C25 is the successor to the Realme 1 (Review) and so the screen design is largely similar. There are some subtle differences, though. The phone’s display measures 6.2-inch with an aspect ratio of 19.5:9 and a resolution of 1520×720 pixels. The two big colours are black and white, but the manufacturer does also come up with a gradient blue shade. In daylight, the Realme C25 has bright and vivid colours, with a matte finish. However, like the Realme 1, the text and icons often appear smeary at some angles and it is hard to see details in some outdoor lighting. This screen also makes it easy to spill a drink on it. There are also instances of severe reflection. In fact, that is not the only aspect where the Realme C25 lacks in the real world.

Camera Quality

Camera sample from Realme C25 Not the fastest to load, or to shoot at times, but Realme’s camera app is generally responsive. The Realme C25 does take good photographs with the camera app set to the Auto mode. As this is a budget smartphone, images come out grainy at times, but are not overly pixelated. However, for better results, I turned on the Screen Flash setting, which brightens up the image considerably, at times. I could also tweak the White Balance and Texture and Color Tone settings to get some better shots. Highlights come out very well in the Realme C25 Low-light shots in the Realme C25 The Realme C25 uses a 13-megapixel sensor, but supports flash.


We should point out that all the Realme phones, barring the Realme U1, are powered by MediaTek chipsets. In terms of benchmarks, the Realme C25 actually scores higher than the Realme U1, which comes with the Snapdragon 450 SoC, and the battery life is also much better in our tests. However, the Realme U1 can also get out of its own way in certain scenarios. The Realme C25 is an easier phone to use, and also manages a higher FPS average when we tested it at 1440p. There is just no comparison, especially when it comes to this phone’s display. Camera Realme has taken it upon itself to build one of the most competitive entry-level camera smartphones on the market.

Battery life

One of the Realme C25’s best features is its 2690mAh battery, which has a claimed battery life of 13-15 hours on a single charge. The C25’s battery has been designed to deliver a long-lasting experience and is one of the best for a phone in this price range. Realme C25 The Helio P60 also has an impressive battery life, particularly compared to other phones that have a MediaTek processor. The Realme C25 easily lasted through an entire day, and it wasn’t till the evening when I had to charge it again. I only had one or two apps open on the phone at any time, and didn’t even touch it until after 10 pm. As the battery life suggests, I expected the C25 to be a power-hungry beast, but it’s not. Realme C25 How does the C25 compare to its rivals?

Price and Verdict

Priced at Rs 9,999, the Realme C25 is a compelling bargain. That’s the best we can say about this phone. The competition is fierce, and if you’re looking to buy an Android phone in the sub-10K price bracket, the Nokia 7 Plus or the Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro seem better choices. The Realme C25’s dual rear cameras are good enough, with excellent low-light performance, good levels of detail, and decent colour reproduction. We did notice occasional touch-related issues in low light, and, while the colours on the display are vivid enough, it lacks brightness. If you’re a frequent user of social media apps and quick snaps, we think the Realme C25 would be a good choice, but for photography enthusiasts, there are better options.

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