1Rangpur Zilla School Admission Results 2021

Rangpur Zilla School is one of the oldest schools. Because Rangpur district school was established in 1832. Rangpur Zilla School celebrates its centenary on 11 April 1937. As the Rangpur Government School has intact traditions and original features, the students have the opportunity to study as well as engage in various cultural entertainment and sports. In general, the school stands in its glory in the Rangpur district of Bangladesh. This time students will be admitted through a separate system on all the information related to student admission in Rangpur Zilla  School. Admission activities of Rangpur Zilla school have already been published. Like every year, this year too, the admission of students of Rangpur Zilla School was supposed to be done through admission test, but the prevalence of Covid-19 all over the world has brought some changes by postponing all the exams in the country. This year, like all the schools in the country, Rangpur Zilla School will also complete the admission of students through lottery. The rule of student admission through lottery is that all students expected to be admitted must fill out an online application form. The application can be made from 15 December 2021 to 27 December 2021, after which the Rangpur Zilla School Authority will publish the admission results of the applied students through lottery on 30 December 2021

Rangpur Zila School Admission Circular 2021

Epidemic Corona has decided to change the admission process of Rangpur zila school and admit students through lottery. All schools will admit students through Rangpur zila school, in which case every prospective student has to fill an application form online. And apply for application from Teletalk prepaid number. Now since you have to confirm the admission by applying online, every student must fill the form exactly. We have presented the admission notice here. From here you can know the rules and schedule of application as well as how to submit the application fee. And you can download the notification from teletalk.gov school admission website if you want.

Rangpur Zila School Admission Results 2021

You already know the admission results of Rangpur zila school through lottery. The following pdf file lists the names of students selected through lottery among students from different districts. The PDF file lists the students who have been selected through lottery in Morning Shift and Day Shift. Through the list, all the students can easily know whether the name chosen by them is yours or not. And you can easily find out if someone else’s name is on the list. If anyone wants to know about 2021 government school admissions, please comment below. If you like the post, please like, comment and share.

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