Rail Sheba Apps 2021

Although many people prefer the railway as a means of transportation, the suffering is not less when it comes to buying tickets. There is no need to worry about collecting tickets for other means of travel in Bangladesh as there is no need to worry about collecting train tickets. So the Bangladesh government launched an app called ‘Rail Sheba app’ to reduce the suffering of buying train tickets. These apps allow you to buy train tickets at home. Today we will discuss in detail about the ‘Rail Sheba’ app in our post. The Rail Sheba app was launched on April 28, 2019. With this app you can buy train tickets for 500 passengers at once. With this app, 15 thousand tickets can be bought in one hour. So you can easily buy a train ticket at home without any hassle. You can download the Railways app from the Google Play Store.

Rail Sheba App

50% of all intercity train tickets in Bangladesh will be available through the Rail Sheba app, mobile and online. A maximum of four tickets can be purchased by a passenger through the Rail Sheba app. This app allows you to choose specific destination fares, ticket availability, train routes, schedules, train-based breaks, station names and schedules, journey history, seats. Food can be ordered from the app inside the train. If necessary, you can take the help of the national railway police through the app. The Rail Sheba app can now be used on all types of Android mobile phones, with an iPhone version coming soon.

Rail Sheba Apps 2021
Rail Sheba Apps 2021


How To Buy a Train Ticket With The Rail Sheba  App

  • First, you download the Railways app from the Google Play Store.
  • Open the app and ‘sign up with your name, mobile number, e-mail, address, postcode, national identity card or birth registration number, date of birth, and password.
  • Click on the purchase tab.
  • Now, from the ‘From Station’ tap, select the station from which you want the train to travel.
  • Select the station you want to go to from the ‘To station’ tap.
  • Select the travel date from ‘Journey Date’.
  • Then click on Search Train.
  • Here you will see a list of all the trains to your destination.
    From the list, select the preferred train seat, number of tickets, and preferred seat.
  • Click on the Pay Now tab to see everything.
  • Understand the ticket by paying the prescribed fee with any Visa Card, Master Card, Amex Card or bKash in Bangladesh.
  • Print the ticket from the e-mail. You can travel by train with this print copy. If you want, you can also travel by collecting printed train tickets with print copies from the designated stations.


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