Prize Bond Draw Details 2021

Hello viewers, today we will discuss the details of the price bond with you. The government introduced this bond called ‘Bangladesh Prize Bond’ to increase the savings trend among all classes of people in Bangladesh. Today I will tell you the details about where you can get this prize bond, what it is worth, how many times a year it can be redeemed, and how many times a year you can buy it. If you want to increase your savings, you can change your fortunes by purchasing tickets from Bangladesh Prize Bond.

Where To Get Bangladesh Prize Bond

You know about prize bonds but you are wondering where to get these prize bonds. No worries, we are here to let you know where to get your prize bond. You do not need to apply for a prize bond with any bank or anywhere. You will be able to purchase and redeem prize bonds with cash at all branch offices of Bangladesh Bank, including cash accountants, at all commercial banks, National Savings Bureaus, SOS Post Offices. I hope you understand where you will collect the prize bond.

Prize Bond Draw Details 2021
Prize Bond Draw Details 2021


The value of the prize bond

The government was the first to introduce price bonds of BDT10 and BDT 50. But later in 1995 with the introduction of BDT 100 worth of price bonds in the market, BDT10 and BDT 50 worth bonds were withdrawn from the market. At present only you will get a prize bond worth BDT 100.

How Much Is The Prizebond Prize?

Many people may not know how much is the first prize of the prize bond, how much is the second and third prize. For your convenience, we have presented here the prizes of the prize bond. The first prize of the prize bond is 6 lakh TK. The second prize is 3 lakh 25 thousand TK and the third prize is one lakh TK (two will be given). The total amount of prize money in each series of prize bonds is 16 lakh 25 thousand TK.

When the prize bond draw is held

Prizebond draws are held four times a year, every three months. The prize bond of BDT 100 is scheduled to be held on January 31, April 30, July 31, and October 31. If there is any public holiday on the scheduled date, the prize bond draw is held after the holiday. The government is giving you this opportunity four times a year to increase your savings. However, the prize money has to be claimed within the next two years of the draw. Otherwise, the money will be deposited in the government treasury. So if you win the prize bond draw, collect the money earned quickly.

Prizebond Income Tax

The government has imposed interest or income tax on the money earned in prize bonds. According to the government order, income tax at the rate of 20% has been fixed on the prize earned in the prize bond. You can buy prize bonds from any of your branch banks. Increase your savings by purchasing prize bonds.

In this post, we have given you the details about Pricebond. I hope you understand our words. Hope you will benefit from this post. You can purchase your prize bond to get the next prize bond award. Buy prize bonds and change your destiny. If you have any questions about price bonds, please let us know and we will answer them.

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