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Molly Shannon’s net worth is about $5 million. Here is what we know about her salary and the other sources of income she gets from her movies and other movies in which she appears. Molly Shannon net worth is mainly determined by her work as an actress. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the average annual pay of an actress is around $650,000 (2018). See Also: D’Lo Hill Wiki, Bio, Height, Body Measurements, Married, Family Molly Shannon’s salary is very good considering that she has acted for so many years. Also, she has been in many movies for so many years. What more can one ask for? All of these facts and figures together are quite impressive to say the least. Molly Shannon has made more than $5 million just by acting.

Molly Shannon Measurements

Height: 5 feet 5 inches (157.25 inches) Body Measurements: 34-25-35 inches (82-64.75-89.75 cm) Face Measurements: 34-22-37 inches (85-72.25-91 cm) Body Shape: To be exact, she has a normal weight. Age: 55 She was born on May 29, 1962, in Columbia, South Carolina. In her latest birth year, she is 55 years old. See Also: Meghan McCain’s Net Worth, Bio, Husband, Children, Measurements, Family Molly Shannon Career Shannon got her start as a child actress at the age of nine in a role in her own debut film, “Baby’s Day Out”, along with fellow child actor, Jamie-Lynn Sigler. The next year, she gained more prominence in the industry after portraying the title character, Tracy Turnblad, in the Broadway musical version of “Hairspray”, alongside Ricki Lake.

Molly Shannon

Molly Shannon Birthday

Molly Shannon was born on August 30, 1969, in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Height & Weight Molly Shannon’s height and weight have varied over the years, as per her interviews. She once stated that she weighed 116 pounds at one time, but in another interview, she said that she has not weighed less than 112 pounds since her college days. In “Undeclared”, Shannon is shown as having an average height and weight at 119 pounds, or 5’10”. She looks about the same in her interview for “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, where she is shown as having an average height and weight of 5’6″, or 150 pounds. Read Also: Julie McCoy Bio, Married, Family, Wiki, Measurements, Married, Husband Family Facts Shannon’s father is a writer and producer of sorts, whom she calls a “genius”.

Molly Shannon Height

Molly Shannon is just about 5 feet tall. She has brunette hair, dark-brown eyes and even though she’s not that tall, her weight is about 81 kg. Work Molly Shannon has been working in the entertainment industry for more than thirty years. She’s won three Primetime Emmy awards and has been nominated for other awards at the Emmy’s. The actress got her first major role in the movie “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Molly Shannon had her major success with the movie “The Natural” in 1985. However, the actress rose to popularity with the television show “Saturday Night Live” where she appeared in several sketches. She had this role on Saturday Night Live for nearly ten years until she quit the show in 1999.

Molly Shannon

Molly Shannon Weight

Shannon comes with a good amount of weight. That is why she does not fit the standard net worth guideline of a woman who is above a certain age. She has a weight of 78 kilos which is about 132 pounds. Also Read: Joe Manganiello’s Height, Weight, And Body Measurements Net Worth Molly Shannon is an American comedian, actor, television host, and producer. At the age of 50 years, she has amassed a net worth of $6 million. Age Molly Shannon is 52 years old and she was born on November 11, 1964 in Illinois, United States. She was born to parents Thomas and Teresa Shannon. Is She Married? Molly Shannon is happily married to Scott Hampton. She was blessed with a daughter, Sadie Shannon Hampton in 2009. The two are also celebrating their second marriage anniversary.

Molly Shannon’s Age and Family

Age: 51 Birthday: August 10, 1966 Sexuality: Straight Parents: Keith Shannon, Kathleen Morrill Married: Diane Sawyer Children: Nina, Logan, Olivia Height: 5 feet 7 inches (163 cm) Body measurements: 47-23-37 inches (117-57-111 cm) Molly Shannon Measurements – Image Source: The Telegraph, US Weekly, TV Line, AFI Molly Shannon’s Education and Early Career Molly Shannon’s mother, Kathleen Morrill, was a successful actress and made her screen debut in The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming. She appeared in a few other films and TV shows including Saved by the Bell and Melrose Place. Her brother, Kurt was also a musician and she is the niece of director John Waters.

Molly Shannon Biography

Shannon was born in Detroit, Michigan, on June 27, 1964, to William Stephen and Mary Jane Shannon. She has one older brother and five younger siblings. She attended Ferndale High School, a public school in Ferndale, Michigan. She graduated from Ferndale High School in 1982 and went on to study at Wayne State University, in Detroit. There she did a major in drama and minor in French. She later went on to get a master’s degree in arts from the University of Michigan in 1994. Shannon has acted in quite a number of plays in her undergraduate and graduate school years. Career wise, Molly Shannon’s first big break came in 1986. She played the role of Susan in a University of Michigan stage production of Seesaw.

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