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Maudy was born on November 15, 1981, to Dini Sofyan and Benny Libby in Surabaya, Indonesia. Her father was a deputy minister of youth affairs. She is the youngest of three siblings. Her elder brother Arie was born in 1989. She attended high school at Santa Ana (competition exam level) and continued her education in Bandung Institute of Technology (examination level) for a year. During that time, Maudy took singing lessons in Jakarta. Career Beginning and Early Career Success Maudy started her career as a member of Pink Boat crew with Jasmine and Micia in 2003. Their music was influenced by electropop. Pink Boat consisted of 3 vocalists and 1 drummer. Their album called “Soal Juara Hari” was released in October 2004.

Maudy Ayunda’s Age

Maudy Ayunda was born on October 13, 1989, and she’s 28 years old. She grew up in Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia and she is of Sundanese descent. Her birthday is on October 13 and she used to live in the Netherlands. Maudy Ayunda’s Height Maudy Ayunda’s height is 5 feet 8 inches. She has a perfect figure and she is a very tall, sexy woman. Maudy Ayunda’s Weight Maudy Ayunda has a perfect figure and she is very slim. Her weight is about 67 kg and her measurements are 36-25-35 inches. Maudy Ayunda’s Measurements Maudy Ayunda has a very good body structure with good bust, waist and hips. She has a very round face and she also has a thick upper lip. Maudy Ayunda’s Hairstyle Maudy Ayunda has thick curls all over her head. She has really long hair and she keeps it in a braid.

Maudy Ayunda’s Height

Maudy Ayunda’s height is 1.75 meters (5 feet 11 inches). She has a good body shape with a petite body frame. Maudy Ayunda’s Weight According to Maudy, she doesn’t like to disclose her weight publicly. But as she has revealed, she is pretty healthy and fit. Maudy Ayunda’s Measurements The Indonesian actress has a pretty healthy body which she tries to maintain. She has an average size waist, according to a photo she posted on her Instagram page. As for the height, she is 5 feet 8 inches. Maudy Ayunda’s Skin Type and Hair Color The 32-year-old is pretty much not too perfect and her skin color and hair color don’t help her. Although, she is usually seen in make-up. Her skin color is more on the reddish and olive side. She has quite a fair complexion with pink, freckles on her cheeks

Maudy Ayunda
Maudy Ayunda


Maudy Ayunda’s Weight

The singer comes in at a small size, and her weight seems to have fluctuated throughout her life. Although she hasn’t released any health issues she has shared with her fans, she has stated that she used to eat five pieces of bread a day. In the past, Maudy has denied being fat or eating too much, especially bread. She stated that she lost weight by doing exercise. Maudy Ayunda’s Measurements She is a fair and slim lady, and at present, she stands at 5′ 2″. Her skin is naturally fair, and it seems to have gotten better since the time she was an adolescent. Maudy Ayunda’s Body Measurement According to Maudy, she has a small body, and she follows a healthy lifestyle. She loves to eat healthy, so she avoids bad foods and prefers the ones that are good for her body.

Maudy Ayunda’s Measurements

Maudy Ayunda is 5 feet and 4 inches tall. She weighs around 64 kg, and it is quite notable that she has been on the heavier side. As you can see in the top picture below, she has good curves, with a great face and elegant legs. See Also: Felicity Hartmann Married, Husband, Kids, Net Worth Maudy Ayunda’s Family Maudy Ayunda was born on 27 May 1986 in the Indonesian province of Bengkulu. Her parents are Mohamad Sasmi and Rita Sasmi. Her parents are Muslim. The actress was raised in the state of Surabaya, Indonesia. Her family is of modest means. She was only 13 years old when she quit school to become an actress. She has two sisters named Bhiana and Setiadi. Maudy Ayunda’s Education and Personal Life Maudy Ayunda’s educational experience is quite odd.

Maudy Ayunda’s Family

Maudy is the fourth daughter of Dedy Rahmawati and Martinus Ajie. Her paternal grandparents are Indonesian school principal Jakobus and family planning specialist Irene. Her paternal grandfather is Indonesian politician Gacilla Lombardini. His grandfather, Gacilla, served as the Indonesian deputy minister of agriculture and his great-grandfather, Gacilla, was the director of the Indonesian army during the Dutch East Indies. He has one younger sister, Martinu Apang Pamungkas. Her brother, Jay Jay Martinus Ajie, is a journalist and an Indonesian politician. He won the 2000 Sukma Games for men’s badminton in football category. He is a member of the People’s Representative Council (DPR) from 2004 to 2006.

Interesting Facts about Maudy Ayunda

Maudy is an architect. She has a master’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Indonesia and has made many architectural designs for Indonesian building materials. Maudy is a big fan of Jeremy Renner. She is a big fan of HBO’s Game of Thrones. She loves cookies. She loves cooking. Maudy has received the Gintas Award on behalf of Indonesia. She studied Music in Ika University. She is a big fan of the actor, Richard Gere. She has many tattoos and she has said she would have a hundred tattoos if she could. She had a date with an American footballer. She likes reading. She studied at what is now the Universitas Pendidikan Militer Islam in Indonesia.

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