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Maia Estianty was born to parents Maxi and Sutiarti in Bogor, Indonesia in 1975. Her father Maxi was a folk singer who went by the name Sabun Alay, and her mother Sutiarti was a kroncong singer. They both held local concerts in coffee shops around Jakarta, and because of their fame Maia grew up around music. She began playing the kroncong in coffee shops at an early age, and soon she began performing in bands with her sister, Chrisya Estianty and bandmates. Maia Estianty Career At age 9, Maia moved to Jakarta to pursue a career in acting. She trained at the Centra Maritima Theater, where she learned both classical acting and the jazz technique known as jazzline. After that she trained for a year at Ibsen Dini Yoga Theatre and then enrolled in a five-year acting course in Jakarta.

Music Career

In 1993 Maia Estianty and her boyfriend Meisi Pancasila, formed the pop music duo Melodi. Their debut album, Melodi, released in 1993, is considered a huge hit, and the songs from the album were huge hits in Indonesia. This album has sold over 500,000 copies and is now considered a benchmark for new wave Indonesian music. Their second album Cinta Rindu is considered their debut. This album sold even more and has been declared the best album of the year by Indonesian music critics. The songs “Anakku Cinta Jelang Teranyakan” and “Usia Di Penguah” were hits, and the single “Mardia” became a number 1 hit. As a singer Maia Estianty has released a series of songs including: 1. “Sabda dan Nurukan” 2. “Paling Hati di Pelikula” 3. “Nuruku Manusia” 4. “Bios Lain” 5. “Dan Dukuh” 6.

Acting Career

The actress was signed on for the famous sketch, Yulan Tenis dari Talisman in 1990, and she became famous within months. At that time, the country was going through one of the most exciting and brutal political upheavals in history. And the young actress was right in the middle of it, pursuing a career in entertainment. Her younger sister, Melati Misbach Yusa Biran (commonly known as ‘Maya’), is also a singer and actress in her own right. The two sisters are very close, and they even make music together. Maya even once told Daily Mail Australia that their last name means ‘made by God’, and they were really blessed to have such a great relationship as siblings. After Yulan Tenis dari Talisman ended in 1991, she made the bold decision to switch her focus to acting.

Family Facts

Her name, Maia Estianty, comes from her father’s name, Diosly. It is spelled two ways in Indonesia, Maia and Estianty. Estianty’s mother was a singer, and the most famous singer in Indonesia at that time, who sometimes performed under the stage name of Dora. Estianty has a twin sister, Yulia Estianty, who is also a professional opera singer. Maia is 1.59 metres tall. She wears size 0-8.5. She has been married three times. Her current husband is an Indonesian businessman named Adam Hadi Fajarsyah.

Maia Estianty
Maia Estianty

Height and Measurements

Maia has a height of 1.63m. She has a very slender body. Apart from her height, there is little else Maia is known for. As a matter of fact, people are aware of her good looks and her famous smile, but they do not know anything about her body measurements, what makes her tick and her family background. Maia Estianty Net Worth Maia Estianty has worked in many languages. She has adopted the Indonesian language, Dutch, English, Italian and Spanish. With her occupation as an actress, it is not surprising to see that her net worth is substantial. Her annual earnings are reportedly between Rp150 million (US$12,120) and Rp 200 million (US$12,340). This figure is not confirmed, but from all accounts it is certainly far from small. Acting Maia Estianty was born in Jakarta.

Net Worth

With an estimated net worth of $ 5 million Maia has achieved a successful career in both her music and acting career. For a single star who has produced four albums and sold more than 5 million copies of them, Maia is doing quite well in her field. Height and weight: Maia Estianty is standing at 5 feet 8 inches tall. She weighs around 102kgs.


The 2017 News Year is already a rather exciting year for Maia Estianty because she recently released a single with Omani-born American pop star, Akon. This will hopefully give her yet another boost in her career, because she is certainly the hottest female celebrity in Indonesia right now. Maia is obviously quite attractive but that is not what makes her such a good role model. Her charitable works are admirable and she gives her all to help the poor and needy in Indonesia. See Also – Kylie Charlier (Music Producer) Wiki, Age, Body Measurements, Boyfriend, Boyfriend/Girlfriend Biography Estianty was born on February 11, 1981, in Solo, the capital of the province of Central Java.


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