Madrasa Board Assignment for Class 1-9 Students (4th Week)

Are you looking Madrasa Board Assignment for Class 1-9 Students (4th Week)? Then you are in the right place. Today I will deliver the madrasa Board Assignment for Class 1-9 Students (4th Week) answer sheet here.

Many have received Madrasa Board 4th-week assignments and many have solved them. But those who can’t solve it can get a little frustrated. But I would say there is no reason to despair. We don’t need your frustration to stay. Today I am making assignments for all for classes 4th week.

We have already published a general Education Board assignment question solution for all classes on our website. And now we are very glad to declare that we have successfully published the Madrasah education board Ebtedayee and dakhil assignment.


Madrasa Board Assignment

The New Short Syllabus has published on 28 October 2020. The class started from 1 November to 30 November. A student will get 3 Subjects assignment in a week. Students have to submit 8 Assignments in each subject within 8 Months.

Ebtedayee Assignment Class (1-5) Madrasah Board

Students of the ibtedayi class of the madrasa education board have been asked to write assignments. Here are the rules for writing assignments for all classes of students. To download the answer to the Iftedai class assignment, you must first visit our website.

Then you have to select the assignment from the menu of the website. After visiting the Assignments menu, you need to select which category of assignment you want to download.

Since you want to solve the assignments from class one to 5 of the ibtedayi class, you have to choose ibtedayi and dakhil assignments. Now select the class you fall into.

Dakhil Assignment Class 6-9 Madrasah Board

We have solved the question of assignment for those of you who are students of Dakhil class. These solutions have been made by the great scholars of the country.

Dakhil Assignment has been shared through each Madrasa Authority. Now, all Dakhil Students Class 6 to 9 Assignments have presented here. If you are a Dakhil student, you must follow the assignments from here.



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