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Karatoa Courier Service Helpline Number & Office Address

Karatoa Courier Service Helpline Number & Office Address! Karatoa Courier Service is the most popular service in Bangladesh. Karatoa Courier Service created a good market by providing door to door important documents, business goods, parcel delivery, commodities, and supplementary within the shortest possible time.  Karatoa Courier service created a believable, Responsible, and good market by providing service door to door very important documents, parcel delivery, commodities, business goods, and supplementary in a short time. They have covered route all-district in Bangladesh. A large number of people have impregnated in this service. But maximum peoples don’t know about their head office contact number and address. So today I will share all the details about their main head office address and contact number.

So, they are searching where is the Karatoa Courier Service head office, Office phone number & Email, etc. So, we update all contact information about the Karatoa Courier Service – KSC Helpline number, Email, and Head Office Address.

Karatoa Courier Service Head office address

Shahid Abdul Zabbar Sarak, Jaleswaritola, Bogra.

Phone: 051-51288 Mobile: 01713-228437.

Dhaka Office

Parcel Section: Crescent Tower 36 Topkhana Road, Dhaka-1000

Cash Section: 8/4 Segun bacha

Dhaka-1000 (Near Muktijoddha Museum)

Mobile: 01713-228405

Business Hours: Sat: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM to Thu: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM. Fri: Closed.

Karatoa Courier Service Contact Number Info

Karatoa Courier Dhaka Parcel Section:
Address: Crecent Tower 36, Topkhana Road, Purana Paltan, Dhaka-1000.

Karatoa Courier Cash Section:
Address: 8 Segun bagicha,(Near Muktijoddha Museum)

Karatoa Courier Segunbagicha Branch:
Address: 39 Segun Bagicha (near Navana CNG).
Mobile: 01713-228405

Karatoa Courier Uttara Branch:
Address: Sector-7, House#30, Rabindra Shoroni Road.
Mobile: 01713-228497

Karatoa Courier Bogra Head Office:

Address: Shahid Abdul Zabbar Sarak, Jaleswaritola,

Karatoa Courier Bogura Branch:
Address: Phone: 051-51288 Mobile: 01713-228437.

List of Courier Service, Location, Address & Contact Number 

District Name Contact Number Office address
Dhaka city office 02-9582254, 01713-228492 Crescent Tower36 Topkhana Road, Puraton Paltan, Dhaka-1000
Dhaka- Parcel   Delivery Dept. 01755-597805 39   Segun bagicha (Navana CNG Singalong), Dhaka
Dhaka-Account   Dept., 01713-228405 8/4, A-Segun bagicha (Muktijoddha Jadughor Songlogno) Dhaka
Mirpur-Dhaka 01713-228455, 01713-228467 89   Sentara S A Paribohoner Goli, 01713-228467
Shyamoli-Dhaka 01713228427 21/19, Babur Road, College Gate, Shyamoli-Dhaka.
Mohammadpur-Dhaka 01713228425, 01713228432 30/23, Tajmohol Road, Block-C, in front of Kristi Market, Dhaka
Gulshan-2-Dhaka 01755-597859, 01817-543047 69, DCC Market, Gulshan-2, Dhaka
Elephant Road-Dhaka 01755-597830 Elephant   Road, Bata   Signal Mor, Amtolar Goli, Elephant Road, Dhaka
Nawabpur-Dhaka 01755-597836, 01935-471016 154/Haji   Osman Goni Road, Alu Bazar, Nawabpur, Dhaka
Siddique   Bazar-Dhaka 01755-597835, 01786-659320 Siddique   Bazar, 146/1, Siddique Bazar, Dhaka
Motijheel-Dhaka 02-9550939, 01777-794043 Swantex   Bhabon 9/I, Motijheel, Dhaka
Malitola-Dhaka 01713-228440, 01713-228441 26/1   Malitola Lane, English Road, Malitola, Dhaka
Patuatuli-Dhaka 01755-597838 Ground   Floor, Taj Bhaban, Patuatuli, Dhaka
Bangla   Bazar-Dhaka 01755-597839 3/6   Junction Road, Victoria Park, Bangla   Bazar, Dhaka.
New Market-Dhaka 0175-597837 38, New Super Market, New Market, Dhaka
Mohakhali-Dhaka 01755-597883, 01714-709770 70, Shahid Taj Uddin Ahmed Smoroni, South Side of Cholera, Mohakhali-Dhaka
Keranigonj-Dhaka 01777794010, 01820540844. Noor Complex, South Keranigonj, Dhaka
Kishorgonj District 01777794044, 01712263819. Paduka Super Market, Voirob, Kishorgonj
Uttara-Dhaka 01713228495, 01713228497. Sector-7, House-30, Rabindra Sarani Road, Uttara, Dhaka
Gazipur District 01713228436, 01713228470. Gazipur District Office, Amir Market, Chourasta, Near Dutch Bangla Bank, Gazipur
Konabari-Gazipur District 01713228457, 01755597829 Jailkhana   Road, Notun Bazar, KonaBari
Gazipur District 01777794048,01685618400. Mawna, MC Bazar, Near Sufia Garment, Gazipur
Savar-Dhaka 01755597856, 01760164590. Near   Lab zone Hospital, Savar, Dhaka
Tangail-Dhaka 01713228407, 01755597807. District Office, Old   Bus Stand, Mymensingh Road, Haji Market, Tangail
Nabinagar-Dhaka 01755597844,01755597845. Samabay Samity Market, Nabinagar Road, Dhaka
Narayanganj District 01713228451, 01755597833. Narayanganj   District Office, Opposite   Site Of Nagar Bhaban, Nitaigonj
Narayanganj District 01755597853 Abdul Haque Super Market, Rupgonj
Narsingdi District 01777794045, 01777753887 District Office, 52, C&B Road, New Launch Ghat Mor, Narsingdi
Narsingdi District 01777794045, 01777753887.. Moddo bus Stand, Babur Hat, Shekher chor, Narsingdi
Agrabad-Chittagong 01755-597815,01193-239422 50 Yakub Ali Market Banijjik Elaka, Agrabad, Chittagong
Khatunganj-Chittagong 01755-597816, 01193-239449 Amir Market, S A Poribohoner Passé, Khatunganj, Chittagong
, E.P.Z-Chittagong 01713-228491 Free-Port, Choudhury Market 2th Tola, E.P.Z
Chotopul-Chittagong 01755-597817, 01755-597875 Chotopul, Excess   Road, Chotopul,Chittagong
Nasirabad-Chittagong 031-2550189, 01755-554729. 1005/4, East Nasirabad, Gate no-2, Nasirabad
D.T. Road-Chittagong 01755597840 Alongkar Mor, Taiyobiya   Market, D.T. Road, Chittagong
Cumilla District 01755-554724, 01961-869849 Comilla District Office, 1 no. Kandir Par Ramghat, Comilla
Chapai Nawabgonj 01713-228487,01197-119161 District office, 53 Arambagh santir Mor, Chapai Nawabgonj
Shibgonj-Rajshahi 01755-597887 Girl’s School Songlogno. Shibgonj, Rajshahi
Rajshahi District 01713-228499, 01755-597884 Kumarpara, Chaul potti, Old Natore Road, Rajshahi
Rajshahi District 01755-597821, 01845-989384 Amjad Haji Market Banessor Bazar, Banessor, Rajshahi
Bogra District 051-51288, 51425, 63115, 63117 Bogra Head Office, Shahid   Abdul Zabbar Sarak, Jaleswaritola, Bogra
Sherpur-Bogra 01755-597890, 01713-741264 Sherpur   Bus Stand, Sherpur, Bogra
Dhunot-Bogra 01755-597813, 01713-746434 Dhunot,  Sarpotti, Dhunot, Bogra
Majhira-Bogra 01755-597889, 01939-520932 Hamid super Market, Majhira, Bogra
Mokamtola-Bogra 0175-597877, 01725-141257 Near   Old Sonali Bank, Mokamtola, Bogra
Sonatola-Bogra 01777-794011, 01712-401612 Son atola, Paurasobha   Road, Bogra
Adomdighi-Bogra 01755-597881 Near   Bus Stand, Adomdighi, Bogra
Dupchachia-Bogra 01755-597880, 01711-411561 Near C.O. Office, Dupchachia, Bogra
Shantahar-Bogra 01755-597882, 01713-228482 Shantahar-Bogra
Jessore District 01713-228486,01746-926300 District Office, 15 R N Road, Jessore
Benapole-Jessore 01755-554727, 01755-554728 Madrasha Market, beanpole, Benapole, Jessore
Noapara-Jessore 01755-597834, 01711-159313 Noapara, Station Bazar, Near S.A. Paribahan
Natore District 01713-228430, 01717-906350 Rokhshana Plaza, Dhaka coach stand, Kanaikhali, Natore
Natore District 01755-597873, 01713-707906 Near Patoary General Hospital, Bopara, Natore
Rajapur-Natore 01777794035, 01716012419 College Gate, Rajapur Bazar, Natore
Pabna -District 01713-228408, 01713-228434 District Office, Edward   university college gate, Pabna
Ishwardi-Pabna 01713-228461, 01714-658713 Ishwardi, Station Road, Ishwardi, Pabna
Pabna District 01755-597870, 01721-338034 Khandokar Market, College Road, Bera, Pabna
Pabna District 01755-597869 Shikdar Supermarket, Kashinathpur, Pabna
Sirajgonj District 01713-228490, 01718-424666 Sirajgonj   District Office, S.B. Fazlul Haq Road, Katpotti, Sirajgonj
Ullapara-Sirajgonj 01713-228417, 01713-228478 Ullapara, College Road, Ullapara
Chandaikona-Sirajgonj District 01755-597891, 01740-952262 Near   Mohna Pamp, Chandaikona, Sirajgonj
Belkuchi-Sirajgonj 01755-597871, 01819-955238 Hazi Shantahar Market, Near Paurosabha, Belkuchi, Sirajgonj
Shahjadpur-Sirajgonj 01755-597879, 01711-413142 Dariyapur Bazar, Shahjadpur
Naogaon District 01713-228409, 01713-228433 Naogaon District Office, Kedir Mor, Naogaon
Mohadevpur- Naogaon District 01755-597886, 01840-693711 High School Mor, Mohadevpur
Nazipur-Naogaon 01755-597885, 01711-120574 Monzoo Super Market, Nazipur, Naogaon
Sapahar-Naogaon 01755-597842, 01755-597842 Hague Super Market, Sapahar Bazar, Sapahar, Naogaon
Joypurhat District 0571-51122, 01713-228489, 01713-228435 District Office, 1 no. Rail Station Road, Joypurhat
Kalai- Joypurhat District 01755-597876, 01712-206697 Main Bus Stand, Kalai, Joypurhat
Panchbibi-Joypurhat 01755-597868 Panchbibi main Road, Joypurhat
Rangpur District 01713-228413, 01713-228456 District Office, SMC   Road, Gupta Para, Rangpur
Pirgonj-1-Rangpur 01755-597894, 01719-709657 Dhaka Coach Stand, Pirgonj-1
Sutibari- Rangpur 01755-597898, 01774-135516 Dokkhin(South) Bus Stand, Supari Potti, Sutibari
Mithapukur- Rangpur 01755-597896, 01712-512458 Rabeya Plaza, Mithapukur, Rangpur
Haraguchi-Rangpur 01755-597826, 01711-415442 Mina Bazar, Haragach, Rangpur
Taraganj- Rangpur 01755-597814, 01721-700097 Main   Road, Taraganj Bazar, Rangpur
Bodorgonj-Rangpur 01713228442khulna District Sonali Bank Mor, Bodorgonj, Rangpur
Ghaibandha District 0541-62417, 01713-228410, 01713-228473 District Office, Al  Modina Market, 2no. Rail Gate, Ghaibandha
Gobindagonj-Ghaibandha District 01713-228439, 01757-826174 Hirok Cinema Hall Mor, Gobindagonj
Polashbari –Ghaibandha District 01755-597872 High Way, Near S.R. Bus Counter, Polashbari, Ghaibandha
Lalmonirhat District 01713-228468, 01737-425120 Lalmonirhat District Office, Near TNT Office, Lalmonirhat
Hatibandha- Lalmonirhat District 01755-597864 Hatibandha, Upazila Yard, Pat gram Road, Hatibandha
Lalmonirhat District 01755-597863 Adherent Mohila College, Pat gram Road, Tushbhandar, Lalmonirhat
Kurigram- District 01713-228412, 01755-597812 Kurigram District Office, Adherent Eidgah field, Sabujpara, Kurigram
Nageshawari-Kurigram- 01713-228420 Adherent TNT Office, Nageshawari, Kurigram-
Ulipur-Kurigram 01755-597893, 01717-255859 Adherent M.S. High School, Ulipur, Kurigram
Nilphamari District 01713-228428, 01716-559625 Nilphamari District office, Chowrongi Mor, Nilphamari
Syedpur -Nilphamari 01713-228416, 01713-228438 Mondol Paper House, Near Basic Bank, Syedpur, Nilphamari
Jaldhaka, Nilphamari 01755-597899 New Market, Dimla Road, Jaldhaka, Nilphamari
Dilma- Nilphamari 01755-597849 Dimla-Upazila Biponi Bitan, Dimla
Domar-Nilphamari 01713228450, 01777794050 D.B Road, Near Fire Service, Domar, Nilphamari
Dinajpur District 01713-228462, 01755-597847, 01755-597848 Dinajpur District Office, Boro Bondor Mor, Dinajpur
Fulbari-Dinajpur 01713-228429, 01712-743570 Ful bari, Nimtola Mor, Fulbari
Birampur-Dinajpur 01713-228415, 01716-666627 Puraton Bazar Bogra Road, Birampur
Birganj- Dinajpur 01713-228460, 01911-432238 Zilla   Parishad Market, Birganj
Hilly -Dinajpur 01713-228477, 0116-299631 Hilly   Bazar Bus Stand, Hilly, Dinajpur
Dinajpur District 01755-597860, 01713-710983 Zahurul   Hague Super Market, Dinajpur
Parbottipur -Dinajpur 01713-228451, 01717-330562 Notun Bazar, Parbottipur, Dinajpur
Ranigonj-Dinajpur 01713-228458, 01755-597858 Mondol market, Ranigonj Bazar, Ranigonj,
Setabgonj-Dinajpur 01755-597851, 01728-719722 Upazila Road, Based Master Market, Setabgonj, Dinajpur
Thakurgaon District 0561-53578, 01713-228414, 01713-228472 Thakurgaon District Office, South Side Of Zilla School Gate, Thakurgaon
Pirganj- Thakurgaon 01755-597852, 01751-117114 Pirgonj-2,Sadia Super Market, Pirganj
Ranisankail- Thakurgaon 01755-597854, 01756-491100 Near Mukta Market, Ranisankail
Chaurangi-Panchagarh 01713-228459, 01716-456671 Panchagarh District Office, Zilla Porisod Market, Chaurangi, Panchagarh
Debigonj- Panchagarh 01755-597850, 01745-549193 Debigonj, Bijoy Chatter, Hazi Lutfor Rahman Market, Ground Floor Of Kristi Bank
Boda-Panchagarh 01713-228469 Main Bus Stand, Boda, Panchagarh
Khulna District 01755-554725,01711-103715 District Office, Jobber  Sarani Station Road, Khulna
Jhenaidah District 01713-228485, 01728-337048 Jhenaidah District Office, Samabay Market, Near Old DC Office, Jhenaidah
Kaligonj- Jhenaidah 01713-228463, 01714-298314 Kaligonj, Sattar Super Market, Kaligonj, Jhenaidah.
Kustia District 01713-228481, 01715-684658 Kustia District Office, Shapla Chattar, Panch Rastar Mor, Kustia
Kustia District 01755-597874, 01757-824834 Veramara, In Front of Ahsan Super Market, Kustia
Meherpur District 01777-794007, 01711-009651 Meherpur District Office, Main   Sarak, Ground Floor of Press Club, Meherpur
Meherpur District 01777-794008, 01717-867634 Thana Road, Gangni, Meherpur
Mymensingh District 01713228421, 01713228464. Mymensingh District Office, R.   K. Mission Road, Near Trishal Bus Stand
Mymensingh District 01755597800. Modhupur, Tangail   Road

In conclusion, All Contact numbers and office addresses of Karatoa Courier Service have highlighted here. If you have any information about Karatoa Courier Service in Bangladesh, then you will get here. Besides if you have any questions on this topic. Write a comment on the below box. We reply as soon as possible.

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