Here’s Everything We Know About the Google Pixel 5a 5G, Including Expected Release Date


Pixel 5a 5G Design

With the earlier leaked schematics, we had already known that the Pixel 5a 5G would have a glass back, similar to the iPhone X, similar to the design on the recently launched Huawei P20 Pro. With this, the devices are expected to support wireless charging. The leaker has further confirmed that the new color option, not mentioned in the earlier schematics, will be “very light blue.” In addition, we expect the back panel to be reflective like the Pixel 2 XL’s “kinda blue.” However, the leaker was unable to provide any additional information on the size of the phone, or its weight. Camera Other than the design, the Google Pixel 5a 5G will almost definitely share most of its internals with the Google Pixel 5a 5G.


Pixel 5a 5G Display

Leaked specifications of the Pixel 5a 5G were thought to have been accurate and provide some insight into the display. The specs point to a 6.2-inch Full HD+ OLED display with 18:9 aspect ratio and resolution of 2,960 x 1,440. While the overall design of the phone looks almost identical to the original Pixel and Pixel XL, the size has been downsized from 5.5-inches to 5.2-inches and the aspect ratio has been bumped up to 18:9. Now, we should note, the display is rumored to only have a full HD resolution, and the device will retain a traditional 16:9 aspect ratio. We are still looking for evidence of a bump in pixel density, as the Pixel 4 had a pixel density of 445ppi, but it’s not unreasonable to expect it to jump up to 542ppi.

Google Pixel 5a 5G
Google Pixel 5a 5G

Pixel 5a 5G Camera

The Pixel 5a will also be losing the 8MP + 8MP dual cameras that are located on the back of the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G. The Google Pixel 5a will apparently feature a 12MP camera on the back and an 8MP camera on the front. The only significant difference from the 4a and 5G cameras is a move to f/2.2 aperture, as opposed to f/2.4. Although the aperture may be the only difference in the rear cameras, a good camera isn’t a guarantee. The Pixel 3 has a f/1.8 aperture, the camera app does not take advantage of that feature at the moment. It’s unclear whether or not this will change in the future. The same 8MP f/1.8 camera found on the front of the 5 and 5a 5G will also be on the Pixel 5a. Pixel Launcher, App Drawer, and More We’ve already seen the Google Pixel 5 from a variety of angles.


Pixel 5a 5G Specs

The Google Pixel 5a 5G will reportedly run on the Snapdragon 835 processor, which is Qualcomm’s high-end system on chip (SoC) that is most likely going to power most of 2018’s flagship smartphones. This is backed up by a recent report that said the next-generation Pixel smartphones will be the first devices to run the Snapdragon 845 processor. This is the same processor that powers the Galaxy S9 and the OnePlus 6. This will be the first time Google will use a Snapdragon chip in its flagship Pixel smartphone. When it comes to the Pixel 5a’s storage, the leak says it will come with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. This is identical to the previous Pixel devices, with the exception of the storage, which Google has stuck to 8GB for all of its flagship devices.


Pixel 5a 5G Software

The Google Pixel 5a will likely feature Android Pie, with Google’s interface on top. It’s likely that it won’t ship with the latest version of Android, but that shouldn’t be a surprise. Google released the first Android Pie beta in August, and when the final version of Android Pie is released in October, it will likely be distributed to the Google Pixel 5a as well. A quick note about the camera. The Google Pixel 3 XL has a dual-camera system that uses a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens to produce portrait-style photos with blurry backgrounds. Although it appears this wasn’t as reliable on the Google Pixel 3 XL, the Google Pixel 5a’s dual-camera system could have a similar feature. However, since the Pixel 5a will be a mid-range phone, Google may opt to stick with a single camera lens.

Google Pixel 5a 5G
Google Pixel 5a 5G

Pixel 5a 5G Battery

The HTC-made Pixel 5a has an expected 2,915mAh battery. According to previous leaks, this is the same battery as the Pixel 4 and the Pixel 4a. The Pixel 5 is also expected to have a slightly larger 3,430mAh battery, meaning it may last slightly longer than the battery of its predecessor. The same wired USB-C charger that shipped with the Pixel 4 is expected to ship with the Pixel 5. Also, according to the same source, the Pixel 5 is expected to ship with “fast charge” and will also ship with an “unknown wireless charger.” It is unclear whether this is the same Qi wireless charger that shipped with the Pixel 2, but it’s most likely the same one since it has the logo of the original Pixel and Pixel 2 on it. The removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack is here to stay.


Google Pixel 5a 5GExpected Release Date

Expected release date for the Pixel 5a 5G is said to be in December. But it is possible that Google would launch the 5G Pixel at the same time as the Pixel 3. According to 9to5Google, Pixel 3 and the 5G variant of the Google Pixel will likely be made available the same day. To refresh, the Google Pixel 3 is expected to come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC, dual-lens rear camera with a primary lens of 12-megapixel with a 2x optical zoom and dual-LED flash, a secondary wide-angle lens of 8-megapixel and the front-facing lens of 8-megapixel. The phone is expected to be launched on October 9. In terms of design, the Pixel 3 is expected to have similar hardware to the current Pixel lineup, albeit with some minor hardware upgrades.



The Google Pixel 5A 5G is the company’s next-generation affordable smartphone with a notched display. It will reportedly sport a similar design to the company’s Pixel 3 XL, but with a 5.5-inch display. Given the word on the street, it’s difficult to gauge if the device will have a single camera setup or two sensors, similar to the previous-generation Google Pixels. It could also feature a fingerprint sensor on the back instead of the front as the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 3 do. If we had to speculate, we’d say Google’s going for a premium look with a notched display, but it could go with a dual camera setup instead. The device is said to pack an entry-level Snapdragon 670 processor paired with 4GB of RAM. The device’s battery is expected to last up to two days.


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