Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2021; Wishes, SMS & Greetings for people of love and important people in life

Welcome to Happy New Year 2021. Today we will discuss in detail about Happy New Year 2021, one of the most important and important events in the history of the world. There are many people in life who do not wish for it.

SMS and online wishing SMS or social media status are given in detail in this content. I will try to make a wish to all those well-wishers through SMS on Happy New Year 2021. So Wishing SMS should be very important and meaningful, which is desirable for everyone!I will personally wish the loved ones and important people like parents, friends, classmates, boss, colic, clients, family and above all the boyfriends and girlfriends some new wishes for Happy New Year 2021 through any one of the following SMS.

Innovation is desirable for everyone. Everyone’s attraction to the new is so much that the unknown must know. For example, someone’s attraction to new clothes, someone’s attraction to new jewellery and someone’s attraction to the new year.

You know, 2020 is fascinating because of the current world coronavirus situation. We say twenty years means poison year. So I want to welcome the year 2021 in such a way that everyone gets rid of this epidemic.

SMS for boyfriend

It is everyone’s wish to send a wishing SMS to your boyfriend in such a happy time. You may be surprised to know that Google is searching for “Happy New Year 2021 Wishing SMS for Boyfriend” with nearly four billion visitors. At the request of all those visitors, we have sent some SMS in Bengali which is applicable for wishing boyfriend.

  • ♥  I do not know that we can never be different, because you will live in my heart.
  • ♥ The first thing in my mind as I wake up before you fall asleep and your first thing in my mind. Is this love?
  • ♥  All the dreams I’ve had, you really are by far the greatest.
  • ♥  Every moment I am with you, I fell in love with you more. Even the comedian did not see this arrival.
  • I want to tell you, there is no one dearer than you. I love only you, I want to love from birth to birth.
  • When I feel very alone, I will see the moon .. When the mind is bad, I will go and talk in a dream.

HAppy New Year

Happy New Year Wishing SMS for Girlfriend

Happy New Year is an important event for people in love. This is an important time to wish your girlfriend or girlfriend a beautiful quote at the event. The following SMS can be a helpful way to make that beautiful moment memorable.

  • Today is the first day of this year and we hope to waste another 364 days to do something productive. Happy New Year!
  • This year we can fight less with remote possession. You can find fewer reasons to complain about me. Happy New Year dear wife!
  • Every night was spent dreaming of you and every year was spent thinking of you last year. I don’t want my new one to be different! Happy New Year!

  • You came into my life and I realize that the new years are much more than just numbers. Today, I look back and realize that I am grateful for you. Happy New Year.

  • I was very close to you, and I was far away from you. And at the end of it all, I realize that there can be no one better for me than you. Happy New Year!
  • Happy New Year to my beloved from afar. Can’t wait to see you next year!

  • May this joyous time be the beginning of the most beautiful journey of our lives. The port of happiness is not yet certain. Happy New Year!

Express love for friends

Friends are an integral part of life, life without friends is impossible. Wish those classmates or friends via SMS on the occasion of Happy New Year 2021. Those who love classmates or friends will definitely wish her a happy SMS at this big event. The following SMS can be an important message to wish that friend. You can see the SMS-

  1.  The mind is a flying bird, it flies away, when it leaves, it suddenly sees a man. I ask the mind, what do you want to say?
  2.  Nayan, I am talking about eyes. Well, a human being has two eyes, but if one of them is damaged, he may be able to walk even if it is difficult. But I cannot walk without you.
  3. I am as I was, my friend, I pass you by, you may have forgotten, why are you lying? If I forgot you, would I send another SMS?
  4.  I look like a cloud, smile like the moon, shine like the stars, cry like rain, friend from afar I just think of you.
  5. God will help you in your distress if you help someone in his distress. So don’t be silent when you see someone in danger. Give a helping hand.

Wishes, SMS & Greetings for people of love

New Wishing SMS Ideas For Families In The New Year

Since the family is an important source of education in society. Happy New Year Wishing SMS applies to family members. If you are away from family, the idea of ​​wishing via SMS may be the following SMS.

  • Although we are not celebrating the New Year together, we are always connected despite being away. God bless and protect our family throughout our new year. May we have the strength to forgive and forget our past mistakes and to strengthen our family ties
  •  Happy New Year my brother, I can’t ask God for better siblings. We are all happy and healthy in this new year!
  • Mom and Dad wish you a Happy New Year, thank you for everything you do for me, I love you so much.

Wishing SMS for boss

The boss is the head of an organization that supervises. Wishing the boss this auspicious moment makes it glorious on the one hand and extends the hand of reality on the other. The following SMS can be helpful to welcome the new day of the new year.

  • You are truly the property of this organization. Your inspiration is what inspires us. Thank you for the full purpose of the year. Happy New Year, sir!
  • I wish you good health so that you can be present in the office and see how your people work. Happy New Year dear boss!
  • The new year brings new hope for all of us. I wish you a Happy New Year! Lord bless you!

Wishing SMS for client

If you are a businessman and are looking for an SMS to wish your business partner on this auspicious moment, I would say, you are in the right place. The following SMS may be enough to wish your business partner or client



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