GP Social Pack 2021

Grameenphone Social Pack. Hello Grameenphone Customer, Welcome to Grameenphone Phone Social Pack. The Internet is one of the biggest tools in today’s world. The Internet can be easily accessed from one end of the world to the other at a low cost. It can also be said that the easiest and most important means of communication is social media. By social media, we mean Facebook, Emu, WhatsApp.

So that you can easily maintain social contact with each other. To give that opportunity, Grameenphone offers different offers at different times. Today I will discuss Grameenphone’s social pack etc.I will tell you all the details about the price of Grameenphone’s social pack, the time of each package, active code, etc. You can easily activate the package of your choice from my website.

Grameenphone 30 days social pack

Internet type  Time  Quantity  Price Active code Medium
3G  ১মাস 343 MB  ২০  *১২১*৩# Facebook

Grameenphone Social Pack 2021

  The name of the package   Time    Active code     Price
Facebook 26 MB 3 days *১২১*৩০২২# 1.56
 Facebook 8 MB 7 days *১২১*৩০২৩# 7.26
Facebook 340 MB 28 days *১২১*৩০২৪# 19 rupees
WhatsApp 26 MB 3 days *১২১*৩০৩৬# 2.61
Viber 26 MB 3 days *১২১*৩০৭০# 2.61
Video pack 46 MB 3 days *১২১*৩০২০# 7.63

All packages you can use to send likes, comments, shares, and Facebook SMS on Facebook. If you have any questions about this, you can call the GP Call Center and give your opinion along with your questions.

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