GP New SIM Offer 2022 Minute, Internet, Call Rate

Bangladesh’s No. 1 mobile operator Grameenphone. The GP network is always active to meet the overall needs of your life. The role of GP 4G operators in bringing the world in hand, to facilitate the means of communication, is incomparable. GP networks have become a place of trust to meet the needs of their customers. Customers of GP operators are constantly enjoying internet offers, call rate offers, minute offers on GP. Grameenphone is the largest mobile network in Bangladesh. New connectors on the widely used Grameenphone network are getting attractive offers. Grameenphone is a widely used operator. Bangladesh has the highest number of rural phone operator subscribers.

Details of Grameenphone New SIM Offer

New Grameenphone operators will be able to enjoy the following offers on other Grameenphone prepaid services like Nishchinto, Djuice, dondhu, Grameenphone Public Phone, and Village Phone. You can learn more about all the offers of GP New SIM from this post. Once the GP New SIM offer has changed, you will find all the information about the new GP New SIM offer on this page. Stay tuned to this page to be the first to know all the information of GP and other operators. 

  •  The new connection will get 5 taka recharge.
    (Included with price)
  • Village Phone customers will get 50 taka recharge. (Included with price).30 days from the date of receipt.
  • GP New SIM Offer
    GP New SIM Offer

Grameenphone first recharge on a new connection

  • If you recharge the first 34 takas on the new connection, you will get 1 paisa call rate per second for 24 hours on any operator. And with 1 GB internet for 7 days.
  • 34 tk recharge offer is only applicable for first time on new connection. After that 34 taka recharge offer will not be applicable.
  • Dial* 121* 1 *2 # to know bonus and validity
  • Dial *566 # to check balance

Grameenphone offers second recharge on new connection

  • If you recharge 66 tk on the second recharge with the new connection, you will get the benefit of buying 110 minutes, validity 10 days
  •  In the new connection, the second recharge has to be done within the first two days (day of activation + 1 day) then 66 tk recharge offer will not be applicable


17 Taka Recharge Offer on New Connection

  •  Customer gets 17 GB recharge on new connection 1 GB internet, validity 7 days.
  • This offer is valid for 9 months from the start of the new connection.
  • This offer can be purchased once a month. 17 taka recharge offer will not be applicable on old connection.

GP New Connection Special Bundle Offer

  • If you recharge 119 tk with new connection you will get 100 minutes (on any operator) and 2gb internet (1gb + 1gp 4g) internet, validity 30 days.
  • This offer is available to other prepaid customers of Grameenphone.
  • This offer is only valid on the day new connections are launched.
    Connection activation day. This offer does not apply on the second day of activation.
  • You only need to recharge 119 taka to avail the offer.

Free Bioscope Bundle on New Grameenphone Prepaid

  •  With the new Grameenphone prepaid, Nishchinto and Djuice customers will be able to enjoy Free Bioscope Prime (5GB Bioscope Internet) for 30 days in the first month.
  • Dial *121 * 5347 # for free Bioscope offer.
  •  New connection only and applicable for first time It will not apply to any other offer except Nishchinto and Djuice.

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