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GP Minute Offer 2021

Grameen phone operators have been operating according to the needs of their customers since the beginning. GP operators are going through various offers from time to time to encourage the customers and meet their needs by thinking about all the advantages and disadvantages of the customers. GP operators have come up with GP minute offers for their customers. GP Minute Offer You can enjoy the offer as per your choice. In GP Minute offer you can get cheap long term attractions minute package.

GP minute offer

Mobile phones have become increasingly involved in every aspect of life today. Every day we have to talk on our mobile phones somewhere. And you need this GP operator you get GP minute offer. In GP Minute offer you will get minimum to maximum price minute package. With GP Minute offer you can easily purchase the package of your choice. Again, if you need more than one minute, you can purchase larger packages at the minute offer. The minute offer can be purchased in 2 ways – directly through recharge and through activation code.

GP Minute Offer
GP Minute Offer

GP Minute Offer Recharge Or Dial

Total TK
Total Minute
Recharge or Dial

6 TK

10 Min

dia  *121*4024#

6 Hours

14 TK

21 Min

 Recharge or dial *121*4001#

16 Hours

16 TK

25 Min


24 Hours

24 TK

37 Min

Recharge or dial *121*4002#

24 Hours

44 TK

67 Min

Recharge or dial *121*4003#

4 Day

53 TK


Recharge or dial *121*4004#

7 Day

64 TK

100 Min

Recharge or dial *121*4206#


78 TK

125 Min

Recharge or dial *121*4026#

7 Day

99 TK

160 Min

Recharge or dial *111*300#

7 Day

113 TK

200 Min

Recharge or dial *121*4007#


233 TK

350 Min

Recharge or dial *121*4008#

15 Day

199 TK

330 Min

Recharge or dial *121*4018#

30 Day

307 TK

500 Min

Recharge or dial *121*4208#

30 Day

574 TK

1000 Min


30 Day

You can purchase the package of your choice from the above mentioned minute packages. Moreover, if a customer has a problem purchasing minutes through the activation code, they can purchase minutes by recharging directly. This minute offer is very important for those who talk for a long time. You can buy the minute package of your choice from the GP minute offer according to your needs. You can find detailed information about GP Minute offer on our page. When the GP Minute offer changes, you will find all the information of the new GP Minute offer on this page. Stay with this page to know all the offer information of GP and other operators.

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