GP Matching Number-2021 Price, Data and Talktime Offer

What is a GP matching number? The full form of the word GP is Grameenphone. Many people in Bangladesh and many people from abroad look for a machine number to find a VIP number, that is, a Grameenphone SIM operator created by matching one number with another.

Customers are interested in matching an operator of Grameenphone with another operator to gpmaintain their personality, which makes the number as easy to remember as it is to be an operator.
GP, one of the largest mobile operators in Bangladesh, has more than 7.5 million customers. Most Grameen Phone users look for a number to use their number officially.

Where, when, how to collect duplicate numbers of this GP SIM is discussed in detail here.
This content has been created keeping in mind when a customer chooses to match the GP number with another number and expresses interest in buying it.
That is, after 013 or 017 chords, select two digit companies and the customer will select the remaining 6 digits himself. Grameenphone often provides such services to the customers.

GP Matching SIM Price 2021

The price of Grameenphone Matching SIM is the same as other prepaid SIMs. The current price is 200 rupees. Never pay more than a person or shopkeeper wants. However, after recharging Tk 34, you will get attractive offers and benefits and you will know how to get it by keeping in touch with this website.

  • The special call rate is one penny per second
  • 1 GB internet free with 34 taka recharge
  • One day will get one GB once a month as a bonus
  • Internet + Prime subscription in 5GB Bioscope

What do I need to buy a Grameenphone matching SIM?

 He/she must submit a photocopy of the National Identity Card and a passport size photograph as well as register the SIM in a biometric system. Birth registration or national identity card must be taken along. The use will be considered useful only after the SIM is registered in the biometric system, so check whether the registration has been completed well from the center.

Gp Sim

Moreover, you can take 24 hours service by calling 121 from any GP number and 01711594594 from any other operator number. The agent from the center will check the authenticity of the match based on the number and you can accept the matching number as desired.

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