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GP Call Rate Offer 2021

Bangladesh’s number one 4G internet network GP operator. You get the lowest call rate of the most used GP operator. GP operators are offering excellent call rates to their customers in need. You can find out more about the GP operator’s call rate offers on this page. We have given all the information of GP call rate offer in this post.You can enjoy 1 paisa / second call rate offer by recharging different amounts of money in GP operator. In this post you will learn how to take call rate offers, and how long these call rate offers are valid. We have become dependent on networks as a means of communication in our daily lives. GP operators are offering their customers the lowest call rates to facilitate this means of communication.

GP Call Rate Offer

Customers of the most powerful network GP operators will be able to know the complete information about the GP call rate offer from this post. Everyone expects the lowest call rate. GP operators have come up with a minimum call rate of 1 paisa/second to meet the expectations of their customers. Now there will be no obstacle to talk about. You can talk to your loved ones day and night with the lowest call rate. GP operators are giving this attractive call rate to their customers to bring people from far away. You can enjoy this call rate offer only by recharging.

GP Call Rate Offer
GP Call Rate Offer


GP Recharge Call Rate Offer

You can enjoy attractive call rate offers by recharging on GP.

  •  If you recharge 48 taka in GP, you will get 48 paisa / minute call rate, time 2 days.
  •  1 taka / second call rate for 21 taka recharge, time 2 days.
  • 1 paisa / second call rate for 29 taka recharge, time 3 days.
  • You get 1 paisa / second call rate on 39 taka recharge, time 5 days.
  •  You get 1 paisa / second call rate on 49 taka recharge, time 7 days.
  •  If you recharge 79 taka you will get 1 paisa / second call rate, time 10 days.
  • If you recharge 109 taka, you will get 1 paisa/second call rate, time 30 day.
  • If you recharge 209 taka, you will get 1 paisa /second call rate,time 60 days.

Those who live far away and have to talk on their phones for a long time are now able to meet their needs through attractive calls at low cost. The lowest call rate will make your communication easier. On this page you will find information about all offers of GP operators including GP call rate and information of other operators. Stay tuned to our page and you will know all the exact details of the offer of your choice. You can take this call rate offer from time to time. All customers of GP Operator enjoy GP call rate offer and stay in touch with loved ones 24 hours a day.

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