GP 4G Modem Review, Price, Offer 2021

Hello friends, today I am going to talk about the GP 4G modem. Internet is a part of our life in the present age. One cannot imagine oneself without the internet. In every case, there is internet access. You need a modem to connect the internet to your personal computer or laptop. You will definitely want your modem to be the best modem and you get the best service from the modem. So today I will let you know the details of the GP 4G modem.

Features of GP 4g modem

The features of the GP 4G modem are a little different from the features of the old Forge modem. Can be said to be a little improved. First of all, the GP 4G modem works as an e-Thar net on your laptop. As a result, you can use WiFi through the hotspot method in Windows Ten without any additional software with the modem. Which could not be done with the previous GP modems. Secondly, you do not have the USSD option here. Therefore, if you need to view the Internet data, you have to try the modem using the installed web feature.

GP 4G Modem Review, Price, Offer 2020

 Installation method

  • First, connect the GP 4g modem to the PC’s USB.
  • Then go to My Computer and you will see the icon.
  • Double click to install the modem.
  • Once installed, you will see the modem icon on the desktop.
  • Double-clicking on it will open a tab in the browser.
  • From there you will see other features in its setting.
  • GP 4g modem does not need to be connected separately. This is an auto-connect system. The modem will be connected to the PC within a short time.

How to buy GP 4g modem

You can easily buy the GP modem by ordering it in various online markets like Daraj, Evil, etc. You can also buy the modem by visiting the official GP website. You can also buy the modem from the shops of big mobile showrooms all over Bangladesh.

If you buy GP 4g modem, you will get it

  • The first time you use it, you will get 4GB of Forge data which is valid for 7 days.
  • If you buy 4GB of regular data for 120 rupees, you will get 4GB of Forge data for free. Both are valid for 7 days.
  • Each customer will be able to buy data nine times (three times per month) and get a maximum of 36GB of data for free.
  • A customer can get a maximum of 40GB of data for free if they use 4GB of 4G data.

Price of GP 4g modem

GP 4g price is Tk 1,999 .

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