Google Pixel Buds A series Review The Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for Traveling


Google Pixel Buds A Series

The wireless headphones Google launched earlier this year to offer a better audio experience have now received an update for Android users, who can now use their Google Pixel Buds A as a normal pair of wired headphones if they like. The headphones were launched in February along with the Pixel 2 smartphones. Since then, there have been several reports about their bad quality, along with some users noticing that the headphones did not work at all. Fortunately, Google has been able to improve their wireless headphones’ usability by expanding the compatibility for a few newer devices.


Google Pixel Buds A series Design and Durability

The Good Fit and Comfort: These headphones are securely packed, but are very easy to adjust the fit to one’s head. Well designed and stylish Design: This pair of wireless earphones has very classy features, a very smart color scheme, and provides a good sense of protection when on. Big Red Button: This feature provides quick access to Google Assistant. Powerful Battery: The battery life is excellent, with 30 hours of use on a single charge. The Not So Good Charging Location: Since the Pixel Buds are wireless headphones, they cannot be charged in an over-the-ear mount. It’s annoying. Some Design Lags: I had to charge the Pixel Buds at my desk to get them back to their original level of battery life.

Google Pixel Buds A series
Google Pixel Buds A series

Google Pixel Buds A series Build Quality

The Pixel Buds are made entirely out of plastic, but they are thin and feel nice to the touch, much like the larger Pixel 2 XL. Unlike the Pixel Buds 2, the Pixel Buds don’t have ear hooks so they are a bit tough to store. I am not a fan of the lack of loops for storing the charging cable and the headphone cables so I constantly get in the way of my MacBook Pro. The headband also has a grippy material with “Made for Google” on the right earbud and “Made for Google” on the left earbud. It is quite nice to hold with the cushioned cups that doesn’t push against your ears. However, I did get them too tight for my head, and it can be difficult to fasten the cups tightly when you are wearing glasses, it can also be awkward to adjust the earbud without having your glasses on.


Google Pixel Buds A series Sound Quality

This is where these headphones beat the competition. Google designed these wireless headphones with four drivers that feature a wide frequency response, letting them produce decent bass and highs, as well as deliver clear mids. They are not the most spacious headphones out there, but they do a good job for playing YouTube videos. The last part is really important as people listen to audio for longer periods of time, especially on the bus or on long train rides. The balance they strike is not extremely stereo, but it does a good job of not being overwhelming with one sound over the other. Google Unfortunately, I had a hard time listening to these while driving, due to the weak bass that I find difficult to focus on. The same happened when I sat at the table, while watching a video.


Google Pixel Buds A series Battery Life

Google Pixel Buds have a charging case that stores extra charge for when they get low. Charging case has enough juice to charge Pixel Buds from zero to a full charge again in just an hour and a half. Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth 5.0 is a much more powerful Bluetooth standard than the previous Bluetooth 4.2. These headphones support two simultaneous independent audio streams, so users can play music from their phone, as well as talking to someone who is wearing a Google Pixel Buds, without getting the headphones in the way of their own music. Google Pixel Buds are also water-resistant which means they can be used while swimming in the pool. Audio Quality You will be hard pressed to find headphones as comfortable to wear for longer than these.

Google Pixel Buds A series
Google Pixel Buds A series

Google Pixel Buds A series Price

The Pixel Buds are available in two colors – Just Black and Clearly White. The price for the pair is set at $159. $159 Design and Features The Google Pixel Buds are pretty sleek-looking earbuds, made from a mix of aluminium and fiberglass. They come with a leather-like exterior and black microfiber lining for comfort. On the inside, there’s a battery life of 15 hours (plus fast charging). The earbuds fold up for easy storage. They support Bluetooth 4.2 and Google Assistant, which let you talk to Google on the go with a simple tap. To use Google Assistant, you need to tap the right earbud. Then, say “OK Google,” and start talking. It’s that easy. The Pixel Buds also have an LED indicator to notify when they are charging. If you press on the right earbud, it will change colors.



From its introduction at Google’s Pixel 2 event to this week, the Pixel Buds had a very bumpy ride. But here at Android Police we’ve used the headphone for a few months and we’ve decided that if you want to get the best out of your new Pixel Buds, you should not stop at the Pixel Buds. You should go ahead and buy the best true wireless Bluetooth headphones for travel. We can make the case for a few different options: JLab Epic2 True Wireless Earbuds: $79.99 Bose QuietControl 30: $179.00 TaoTronics W200: $69.99 Buy the best pair of true wireless earbuds for traveling, for a few reasons: Keep in mind that most true wireless headphones have the same limitation of no radio signal. Unless you live in a tornado zone (and even then) it is better to use a wired headset.


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