GB Bisocope Internet Pack 2021

Assalamualaikum friends hope you are well. Today we have made this post for the purpose of many people who are struggling to know about GP Bioscope Pack on the internet. GP operators are offering various types of internet packages to meet all the needs of their customers. One such package is the GP Bioscope Internet Pack. GP operators are increasing their popularity trend day by day by meeting all the needs of their customers. Today we have arranged this post only with GP Bioscope Internet Packs. We have highlighted in this post all the GP Bioscope Internet Packs of GP Operators and from here you can know their price and duration.

GP Bioscope Pack

Bioscope apps are one of the means of entertainment. In this biscope you can watch movies, dramas, and even live TV channels. You will need to purchase a separate Bioscope Internet Pack to view the Bioscope. GP operators have created some biscope internet packages to entertain their customers of all kinds. You can buy these Biscope Internet packages from GP operators at very affordable prices. The GP offer is always trying to make their customers’ lives happier. You can purchase these bioscope packs directly from the Grameenphone website –  .Let’s see what are the bioscope internet packs.

GB Bisocope Internet Pack 2021
GB Bisocope Internet Pack 2021
30MB Bioscope Pack
  • The 30MB Bioscope Pack price is 9 Taka.
  • Validity 3 days.
1GB Bioscope Pack
  • The 1GB Bioscope Pack price is 18 Taka.
  • Validity 7 days.
5GB Bioscope Pack
  • The 5GB Bioscope Pack price is 53 Taka.
  • Validity 30 days.
  • Earn 42 GP Point
2GB Bioscope Pack (1GB Vanilla+1GB Bisocope)
  • 1GB Vanilla+1GB Bisocope Pack price is 9 Taka.
  • Validity 7 days.

For your convenience, today we have arranged this post with GP Bioscope Internet Pack. You can purchase the pack of your choice from the GP Bioscope Pack mentioned above. To purchase the Bioscope Internet Pack you need to go directly to the Grameenphone website and from there you can purchase these packs. Hope you like our post and you will benefit from this post. Stay with our page. If you like the post, don’t forget to like and share

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