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Eva Celia was born in Surabaya, East Java, on May 29, 1975 to a German mother, Guinevere and an Indonesian father. At a young age, Celia left Indonesia for Germany to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. She moved to Cologne and later to Berlin where she got her chance to start acting in German TV and films. Celia was interested in music at an early age and has been singing since she was nine years old. She is the first artist in Indonesia to be granted permission by the country’s censorship board to sing a song written by herself. Her single, Nasi Goreng Teratai (“My Favorite Nasi Goreng”) was released in 1998 and instantly got her noticed.




Eva Celia was born on December 16, 1982, in Jakarta, Indonesia. She is the eldest of three children and has two younger sisters. Her family is said to be one of the most prominent in the film industry in Indonesia. Her father, a theatre and television director, is still a pioneer in the country’s cinema industry and her mother, a pianist, is an actress. Eva Celia and sisters will be moving to Munich next year At a very early age, Eva Celia displayed an early interest in the performing arts, which her family encouraged, and she showed an aptitude for both music and acting. She started at eight years of age with training in piano and opera, before moving to the German city of Cologne where she completed high school


Personal Life


Celia Net Worth According to what she revealed to klan.pt, Eva Celia Lesmana has an estimated net worth of $500,000. When she was studying in Germany, Eva was paid $2000 per month as her salary, as a teenager. She later went on to get a contract to sing in Germany and Korea. Later she moved to the US and started landing jobs in commercials, TV shows, and even movies. During her stay in the US, Eva made a career as a commercial model and started appearing in print campaigns for brands like Buick, Jif peanut butter, Oscar Meyer, Carl’s Jr, and Vicks VapoRub. Eva was also the official US model for Mac Cosmetics in 2013. That’s not all, in addition to her acting and modeling career, Eva Celia is also a composer and singer.




As a former member of The Alive Ones, Celia performed in theater, film, and television productions and won awards for her performance in one of the most popular Indonesian dramas of the time, Angklung. She also had the lead roles in several Japanese films such as Kita wa Iron Sista and Okashi no Koibito. In 1998, Celia moved to Singapore and became a Singapore citizen in 2001. She began making appearances in Indonesian television dramas and in 2001, she starred as Laksmi in the soap opera Angklung (which means Big Heart in English) that garnered her a number of awards, most notably from ASEAN television organization. In 2013, she was voted as the Sexiest Asian Woman by Bay Entertainment.


Net Worth


It is not easy to get an accurate net worth for an Indonesian. In fact, Celia has a rather confusing net worth since she has previously starred in other major projects. For instance, she played the female lead in the movie Uncontrollably Fond. Although that movie was not a commercial success, she was able to do good business with her role in the French movie The Secret Life Of Beach Boys. In the said movie, she played the role of Nicole, the girlfriend of American musician, Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys. She made more than £40,000 (approx. $49,745) as per Box Office Mojo. And from that experience, she was able to make the movie with the Paris Opera House. That is, the actor made £25,000 (approx. $29,287) a month in Paris. Below is the list of the movies she was involved with the most.


Measurements and Height


Celia stands at a height of 5 feet and 9 inches and weighs approximately 66 kg (146 lbs). Eva Celia Net Worth Celia earns more than 5 million Euros (approx. $6 million) annually. She has an estimated net worth of $10 million (approx. $15 million). Forbes reports that her net worth is $13 million (approx. $19.4 million) Celia’s Biotest Salary Eva Celia received a total of 3.3 million Euros (approx. $4.4 million) for the season, but she gets an additional 1 million Euros (approx. $1.3 million) as a bonus for every year she will stay on the show. Signing On to Produce, Direct and Star in Her Own Films and TV Series Eva Celia has joined forces with her sister Ada Celia and is collaborating on a number of projects.




She was recently inducted into the “In Celebration of Women” In memoriam at the 2012 AFI Fest held on December 3, 2012 at the Dolby Theatre. Born on May 21, 1987 in Jakarta, Indonesia, Eva Celia is the second child and the only daughter of Raja Walriano and Brigita Netana. Both of her parents are from Javanese background. She is of mixed Javanese and Dutch descent. As Eva Celia was raised in a Dutch-Indonesian family, she grew up fluent in both languages. After graduating from her drama school, Eva Celia went on to study drama in the city of Cologne in Germany. However, she chose not to return to her homeland Indonesia. Instead, she chose to stay in the country where she found herself and her new home.

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