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Daniella was born to Robert Monet, an avid collector, and Isabelle Jeanette Bernheim-Monet, a bookseller, in 1894 in Dampfries, Austria. Her mother was a Jewish woman who converted to Catholicism later in life, which is believed to have inspired Daniella to become an accomplished artist. However, Daniella has said in the past that she is not a Jewish woman, but merely a Catholic woman. According to reports, Daniella had a troubled childhood. Her father’s time was largely occupied with his business ventures, leaving Daniella and her mother alone for much of her childhood. Daniella’s mother died in 1926 at the age of 62. I have found people who suffered physically, mentally, and spiritually, for being Jewish or for not being Jewish.

Early Life

Daniella Monet was born in 1893 in the Austrian city of Graz, which is the fifth largest city of the country. As a baby, she was forced to flee the city, as the city was the subject of a violent pogrom.Daniella Monet Net Worth, Measurements, Birthday, Height, weight, Age, Family Facts & Life Story However, her childhood didn’t remain traumatic for Daniella, who later moved to France, where she began her artistic career. Daniella Monet’s father, Eugen Monet, was a talented artist and a disciple of the impressionist movement, who also served as a professor at the fine art academy in Paris. As a young woman, Daniella attended the National Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, but she left the institution in 1911, to pursue a career as an art student in Paris. It was there that she trained under the tutelage of famous portrait painter Marie Taglioni.

Professional Career

Daniella Monet’s career in the arts started at the age of 17, after she won a scholarship from the Austrian government. She completed the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts Vienna program in Vienna at the age of 20. From then on, she was given the opportunity to work as a freelance artist. She was also given a solo show at the Prince Palace of Versailles in Paris. Then, Daniella Monet focused her work on American pop culture and advertising. She was able to sell a few paintings through her relationship with Alexander McQueen, owner of the famous British high fashion house, Alexander McQueen. On her return to her native Austria, Daniella Monet had several gallery exhibitions. Then, she became an assistant to the prominent artist, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Achieved Achievements

Art Career & Gallery Performance Daniella Monet became an internationally known artist through her position as an apprentice to American artist Andy Warhol. He was an influential American artist and Warhol became a leading proponent of Pop Art during the 1940s and 1950s. By the mid-1960s, he was known as one of the best-known artists in the world, with many commercial clients willing to patronize him. Among his more popular pieces was a series called ‘eggheads,’ which included over-sized paintings of chicken-like figures, painted in bright colors. Warhol also produced abstract paintings of blue and yellow shapes, abstract faces, and a collection of shoes, all of which were popular with his audience. It was through Warhol’s influence that Daniella Monet was able to enter the art world.

Awards and Nominations

Many of Daniella Monet’s most notable exhibitions and accomplishments have been attributed to her personal involvement with environmental issues and charitable organizations. As such, she is a prominent figure in the list of most-awarded individuals from New York City, for her commitment to the city’s public service, such as the refurbishment of the High Line Park in NYC, in addition to other projects. In the current list of recognized public service work and advocacy in New York City, Daniella Monet is named as the only female artist to have won these titles.

Personal Life and Family life

Daniella Monet is a Russian/ Austrian born, Austrian, and United States citizen. She was born in 1938 in Vienna, Austria to an Austrian father and an American mother. She also has a German father and a Russian mother. Daniella Monet is the sister of the internationally-acclaimed, Austrian actor and singer Luca Monet. As a naturalized U.S. citizen, Daniella Monet holds a United States passport. In addition to that, she is married to a Ukrainian citizen, whose last name is Efremov, with whom she has one son. Daniella and her husband are apparently no longer together and their son has been raised by another woman. Daniella’s sister, Luca Monet, is also a famous actor, musician, and singer.

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