Banglalink 7 Days Internet Offer 2022- Weekly Offer

Assalamu Alaikum Friends. Today we have brought our post about the weekly internet packages of Banglalink operator. Many people search for internet banglalink weekly internet packages. We intend to make this post for them today. In this post, we have highlighted all the weekly internet packages of the banglalink operator. You can buy these weekly internet packages at very affordable prices on the country’s operator Banglalink Network. Banglalink operator has given the internet offers as per the demand of the customers so the number of subscribers of this operator is so high. Today in this post we will discuss in detail how to purchase Banglalink Operator Monthly Internet Packages, their purchase price, validity, and their activation code. Let’s see what are the weekly internet packages of Banglaling Operator.

Banglalink 7 Days or Weekly Internet Package

Internet is one of the means of communication. And its use is much more in our country. Banglalink operatorsBanglalink 7 Days Internet Offer understand the needs of their customers and they have made the internet offers accordingly. These internet offers are for Banglalink operators who are interested in purchasing more MB for fewer days or less MB for fewer days. They will be able to purchase these internet packages from banglalink operators at very affordable prices. We always post to give you the right information and the right offers. Today is no exception. Below are the weekly internet packages of the Banglalink operator.


500MB 7 Day Internet Offer

  • 500 MB Internet price 42 TK.
  • Recharge or dial *5000* 588 #.
  • Validity 7 days.

1GB 7 Day Internet Offer

  • 1 GB Internet price 16 TK.
  • Recharge or dial *5000* 216 #.
  • Validity 7 days.

150MB 7 Day Internet Offer

  • 150 MB Internet price 26 TK.
  • Recharge or dial *5000* 522 #.
  • Validity 7 days.

4GB 7 Day Internet Offer

  • 4 GB Internet price 108 TK.
  • Recharge or dial *5000* 108 #.
  • Validity 7 days.

9 GB 7 Day Internet Offer

  • 9 GB Internet price 114 TK.
  • Recharge or dial *5000* 114 #.
  • Validity 7 days.

13 GB 7 Day Internet Offer

  • 13 GB Internet price 129 TK.
  • Recharge or dial *5000* 129 #.
  • Validity 7 days.

15 GB 7 Day Internet Offer

  • 15 GB Internet price 149 TK.
  • Recharge or dial *5000* 149 #.
  • Validity 7 days.

18 GB 7 Day Internet Offer

  • 18 GB Internet price 169 TK.
  • Recharge or dial *5000* 169 #.
  • Validity 7 days.

We hope you enjoy our post today. From these weekly internet packages you can purchase the package of your choice and enjoy the internet with confidence. If you like our post, please like and share. Stay tuned to our page and comment more. If you have any information about Banglalink Operator or any other operator offer you can let us know and we will definitely let you know.

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