Bangladesh Train Location Track 2021

Many people choose railways as a means of transportation that is smooth and comfortable. But we have to suffer a lot to travel by rail. Various systems have now come out to alleviate this suffering and make it easier to travel by train. Many of us know how much time we waste catching trains. Now you can track the train and find out where your desired train is and when it will arrive. This will save you time and hassle.

Today in this post we will tell you how you can track the train and find out the reallocation of the train. You can use two methods to find the location by tracking the train. This is how you can know the location of your desired train directly from there using the Bangladesh Train Tracker app. Another is that you can know the location of your train by sending an SMS directly. We will tell you today how to find the location by tracking the train through these two methods and these two benefits.

Bangladesh Train Tracker App

With Bangladesh Train Tracker App you can easily track your desired train and find out its exact location. Open the app and click on the location of your train number. An SMS of 5 digits will appear in front of you where you click on Continue. Then in SMS, you can see where your desired train location is. The charge for an SMS will be 4 takas. With this app, you can easily know the location of your desired train at home and you can catch your train at the right time. It will not waste your time, you will not have to deal with separate hassles and the train will be comfortable.

Bangladesh Train Location Track

  • Bangladesh Train Tracker App is only for train passengers in Bangladesh.
  • You can only track train locations anywhere in Bangladesh.
  • GP, Robi, Banglalink, Airtel customers can use the Train Tracker app.

How To Train-Track Via SMS

You can find out the reallocation of the train by tracking the train via SMS from your phone. You go to the message option of your mobile and type ‘TR (train code)’ and send it to 16318. You can get your train code number from the ticket. 4 Taka for SMS (VAT SD and service charge applicable).On the train, the nations can get the current position of the train in real-time for 5 seconds in a row. Passengers can get train status, departure time, next station, next stop, the actual delay time from SMS reply. Passengers no longer have to wait indefinitely for the train at the station, they can plan the trip at home based on the information received via SMS.

‘TR (train code)’ and send to 16318.You get train code from the ticket.

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