Asmiar Yahya – Biography, Measurements, Net Worth, Age, Height & Weight

Asmiar has lived a life full of interesting events and experiences, and that has been both on the work and personal sides. She was born on the 12th of December 1961 in an aristocratic family. At a young age, she went to Italy and learned dance and modern dance styles, after which she went to study in the Manhattan School of Music. She was raised by a successful Indonesian actress Yulia Yahya and at a young age, she was featured in a variety of roles in soap operas and drama films. After getting a degree, she returned to Indonesia and a launched her career as a soap opera actress. She would eventually shift from acting to designing. She launched her own fashion line in 1989, which was a huge success.

Asmiar Yahya Education

Asmiar Yahya attended boarding school at a Convent in Surabaya and later studied at Berkley-Hawkins University in Jakarta and made her acting debut in 1990. Asmiar married her first husband, Habib Affandi, the son of Ahmad Affandi (also known as “The Black Lizard”), in 1985. They divorced in 1991. They have two children together; Oky Hafidha and Arham Affandi. Asmiar’s relationship with Ahmad Affandi was filmed by a famous Dutch reality show the History of Vice in Jakarta. Ahmad Affandi is described by one magazine as the so-called “infamous mad scientist”. The documentary shows Asmiar and Ahmad’s relationship; Affandi said in an interview “there was a period when I almost committed suicide, when I was very stressed out and I was unable to sleep.

Asmiar Yahya Career

While Asmiar was still a student, her mother persuaded her to become a model in order to make money for the family. In 1983, she became famous after appearing on a TV commercial for L’Oreal’s Stylo hair dye. Two years later she joined a local drama studio as an actress. It wasn’t long before Asmiar was given the opportunity to showcase her acting skills, and soon after she was approached by actor Mark Iskandar who offered her to work on television dramas together. The first drama was titled 21 Jamilah yang Milik di Tanah Merah. Meanwhile, Asmiar also teamed up with popular Indonesian actress Irawan for a movie titled Al-Adha Tak Berdikari. In 1993, she appeared in her first drama series called Daya Tarba Di Makan.

Asmiar Yahya

Asmiar Yahya Measurement (Height, Weight, Body Shape)

Asmiar is 1.8 metres tall and her weight ranges from 90 to 120 kg. She has a beautiful body shape with nice breasts and a slim figure. She is quite slim and her lips are not full. She has a narrow chin and long, slim nose. Asmiar looks like the gorgeous, sexy version of Sophia Loren. See Also: Joanna Krupa’s Bio, Married, Husband, Family, Weight Loss, Measurements Education Asmiar completed a three year program at the Surabaya Institute of Technology (ITI). After finishing her studies, she got into the fashion business where she became a model and later she got her big break in acting. She became an actress in “Dandi Anugerah” in 1980. Asmiar worked with Arief Effendi in the soap opera “Sesuatu Cinta” which aired in Radio Television Indonesia and TVRI.

Asmiar Yahya Earnings / Net Worth

Asmiar was a popular fashion designer during the 1980’s and 1990’s in Indonesia. As a designer, Asmiar has the distinction of being the first Indonesian who was able to convince the international designers such as Dior and Christian Dior to hire her as their fashion designer. She is also the first Indonesian designer who was offered to do a collection with a supermarket chain, Soriana. Apart from her fashion line, Asmiar, during her fashion years, has had a relationship with actor Andy Dwi Persatuan and thus became a household name to Indonesia’s diaspora. Despite her success in fashion, Asmiar has not made any significant money. She said, “I don’t know if I’ll ever get rich. I don’t have the ability to save anything and no one knows how to manage money.

Asmiar Yahya Personal Life

Asmiar was born to Malayan Chinese parents Anies and Asmiati Yahya. She has 3 brothers and 1 sister. The family moved from Jakarta to Bandung after the Indonesian victory in the Indo-Malaya War. Asmiar’s siblings are all already deceased, including an older brother named Soesilo who died from a heart attack in February 2001. Growing up, Asmiar attended the Indonesian Methodist School in East Java. She was good at painting and music but chose a career in fashion. Her father had wanted her to become a concert pianist. Aged 18, she married her first husband, Joko ‘Buddy’ Sudarsono. Her marriage lasted two years before it was annulled. She then moved to Purbalingga, Central Java where she met dancer, singer, and actor Rini Wijaya. The two married in 1988 and remained together for 11 years.


These Indonesian actresses ruled over the television and movie industry for many years and during this time, the viewer had the privilege to watch them on TV or see them on the big screen. Indonesian women have always made sure to bring their beauty in the society but not only on the society, but also the celebrities.

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