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It was in 2013 when Angelina Wilhelmina Angelaki, also known as Angelina Ampuan, was first given a chance to sing by the cast of Diners, Drive, and Vegas Nights. She was introduced by her then producer, Marquin Wool. She was paired with Riddle’s musical director, Rudy Basilius, to sing a rendition of Bridget Moynahan’s song, My Romance, and the crowd went crazy. This song was in fact part of the romantic musical comedy movie, which was filmed in Los Angeles, California. It was an instant hit with fans and from then on, it became one of the most requested songs on YouTube. After being a part of Diners, Drive, and Vegas Nights, Angelina was given a chance to sing again in Diner, Drive, and Vegas Nights’ 2015 Holiday Special.

Angel Karamoy’s Early life and education

Her name Angelina is derived from the Roman Goddess of love, affection and beauty, particularly virginity. Her birth date is April 17, 1985, making her one of the youngest members of the vocal minority of people born on April 17th. She was raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, where she attended elementary school at Notre Dame International School. She graduated from Holy Innocents Catholic School in 2002. She has a sister named Adeunis, who is currently studying psychology at the University of Arizona. Advertisement Although she is the second of four children, Angelina always felt different. It has been reported that her childhood was unhappy and her only joy came from being in front of a camera.

Angel Karamoy’s Family life

Angie grew up in the East of Java, in the city of Solo. She was a very private person, and very few details about her personal life have ever surfaced. Some of her family members include an older brother and a younger sister. Her father passed away when she was four, and her mother passed away when she was only nine. Angelina was only 15 when she was awarded $100,000 for her performance on stage, which was a very big deal at the time. Read Also: Sophia Bush Bio, Husband, Kids, Net Worth, Wiki, Height, Parents Abuses in the entertainment industry Some have argued that the entertainment industry is full of abusers, Angelina however has come out to defend her colleagues, but not without a few stories about her own experience.

Angel Karamoy’s

Angel Karamoy’s Career

She started off her career as a teenager performing in Indonesian soap operas such as Dana Hiatt. She won Best Actress for that role at the 1999 Anugerah Musik Indonesia. She later moved to Los Angeles where she appeared in several Riddler episodes, Doll and Dammit Doll. She went on to win Best Guest Actress for her appearance in a Season 3 episode of Doomed. Angelina has participated in many other projects since making her debut on Riddler. She appeared on Celebrity Big Brother 5 where she received a lot of attention from the fans as she fell in love with a fellow housemate, Victor Arroyo, who is Filipino. After they were evicted, Angelina and Victor started dating in the Real World: Ex-Plosion house. Her relationship with Victor lasted till the end of the season.

Angel Karamoy’s Personal life

Angelina was born on April 3, 1983. She has an older brother named Manuar. Her father, who was formerly a cop, was killed when a car bomb destroyed their home. She is fluent in four languages including Indonesian, English, and Spanish, but she has been left-handed since she was a child. Her favorite pastimes include swimming, reading, watching movies, and hanging out with friends. Angelina has been open about her troubled relationship with her father, claiming that her father told her that he was only her stepfather after she was born. Despite this, she has made it clear that they are now in a good place and there are no hard feelings.


Angel Karamoy’s Awards and recognition

Throughout her career, Angelina has been awarded with several honors. Some of them include Best Newcomer Female in 1996, Best Musical Director Female in 1998, Best Actress in 1998, Best Musical Program in 1999, Best Actress in 1999, Best Actress in 1999, Best Actress in 1999, Best Actress in 2000, and Best Actress in 2001, all at the Asian Film Festival. The annual Arifin C. Noor Cultural Awards for the year 2000 also went to her. In 2001, Angelina became an Ambassador for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). Personal Life Angelina, born in Jakarta, Indonesia, is the eldest of three siblings, and she has two sisters named Aisyah and Hariyati. Her father was a mechanic, and her mother was a housewife. After becoming an actress, she moved to Los Angeles with her parents.


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