Akash DTH Service in Bangladesh, Customer Care and Contact Number

The present age is the age of internet. At present you are completely dependent on satellites such as satellite mobile phones, satellite TV channels, etc. In this satellite TV channel you have to rely on the disc antenna connection. There is a problem with the DIS antenna. For example, DIS connections do not exist occasionally.

The bigger problem is that the channels do not show clear images. The only solution to various problems is Akash DTH . All the channels of Akash DTH can be seen very clearly. And there is no problem of disconnection. You can watch TV uninterrupted. So today I will tell you all the details about Akash DTH.

How to buy Akash DTH

Akash DTS is a product of Beximco Company. To buy Akash DTH you can order from Akash DTH’s own website. You can get home delivery in any district of Bangladesh. You can also collect Akash DTS from the nearest dealer point of Akash DTH. I have given the website for your convenience

Akash DTH Service in Bangladesh, Customer Care and Contact Number

Akash DTH prices

Akash DTH’s connection fee is Rs 4499 and subscription fee is Rs 399 per month.
That means you can set up Akash DTH with a lump sum of Rs 4499. And 120 channels per month out of which you will watch 40 HD channels at a cost of just Rs 399 per month.

Whatever will be with the edge

You will get a set top box, one remote, two remote batteries, one HDMI cable and one AV, one cable. You will get an umbrella, single port LNB one, 15 meters or less, for extra cable you have to pay extra 30 rupees per meter, besides. 1 month free subscription from day, 1 year warranty.

Everything is in the Akash DTH

  • If you look at Akash DTH’s program guidelines, you can go to its options and list the favorite channels.
  •  You can keep up with the alarm of your favorite program and let you know when the program starts.
  • Parental Control: You have a lot of little boys and girls in your home so you can control which adult channel they can’t watch.
  • Personal Video Recording (PVR) is
    a program you are watching. If you want, you can record that program and watch it again later.

Akash DTH Customer Care Number

If you have any information or opinion about Akash DTH set, you can call the contact number below. Or you can inform by e-mail that Akash DTH’s contact number is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  •  16442, 09609999000
  • Email:

Akash DTH payment system

Akash DTH payment system is very advanced. You can easily pay with any of the traditional mobile banking in Bangladesh like Bikash Rocket Nagar etc.

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