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Airtel SMS Package 2021

Airtel is an international brand under Robi Axiata in Bangladesh. Airtel operators are offering their customers excellent SMS packages. You can find out more about Airtel SMS package on this page. Airtel operators are offering great SMS packages along with internet packages and minute packages. In this post we are giving all the information of Airtel SMS package. You will be able to purchase the correct SMS package from this information. In this post you will find out what SMS packages are available in Airtel operators, what is the price of these packages, all the information about their validity. If you are looking for how to buy Airtel SMS package then you are at the right place. You can learn from this post how to buy Airtel SMS package.

Airtel SMS package

The use of SMS abroad and in Bangladesh is increasing day by day. SMS is one of the means of communication in today’s society. SMS has become an essential medium of communication and information exchange, especially among young people. Airtel operators have come up with Airtel SMS packages keeping their customers in mind. Airtel operator customers can purchase SMS as many times as they wish from the Airtel SMS package offer. Airtel operator customers can usually purchase SMS with activation code or My Airtel app. However, you cannot purchase SMS by recharging directly to Airtel operator

Airtel SMS Package
Airtel SMS Package


Ways to send Airtel SMS through activation code

  • 35 SMS 2 Taka, validity 12 hours, activation code *321* 200 #.
  • 125 SMS 5 Taka, validity 24 hours, activation code *321 *500 #.
  • 700 SMS 15 Taka, validity 3 days, activation code *321* 150 #.
  • 1250 SMS 25 Taka, validity 30 days, activation code *321* 1500 #.
  • 3000 SMS 37 Taka, validity 6 days, activation code *321* 3700 #.
  • 4000 SMS 47 Taka, validity 6 days, activation code *321* 4700 #.
  • 5000 SMS 57 Taka, validity 6 days, activation code *321* 5700 #.

  • Airtel SMS balance check dial* 778 *6 #.

You can find information about Airtel SMS package from our post. Airtel customers can purchase SMS with activation code or My Airtel app. However, if you have trouble purchasing SMS with someone’s activation code, you can purchase SMS without any hassle with My Airtel apps. Stay tuned to our page to know all the information of Airtel and other operators.

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