Airtel Bondho SIM Internet Offer 2021

Today we bring you this post about Airtel Off SIM Internet Offer. Airtel operator Robi Axiata is an independent international brand. Airtel is the third-largest network in the world. If you turn off SIM in Airtel operator, you will get an attractive internet offer. In particular, Airtel operators are offering affordable internet offers to their customers. Today in this post we will tell you what internet offers you are getting as soon as Airtel turns off SIM. First, you need to check if your closed Airtel SIM is applicable for Airtel closed SIM internet offer. You can enjoy this internet offer if your blocked SIM is covered by Airtel Off SIM. You can find out directly by dialing * 999 # whether your blocked SIM is applicable for the Airtel Internet offer. You can also check it from Airtel official website or Airtel apps.

Airtel Offer SIM Internet Offer

The Internet is a very popular name. The contribution of the internet to the life of each of us is immense. We allAirtel Bondho SIM Internet Offer depend on the Internet, directly and indirectly. We use the Internet through one or another operator. You will get attractive internet offers at affordable rates with Airtel operators. This time Airtel operators are offering attractive internet offers for the convenience of their customers, to encourage old customers. So turn on your closed Airtel SIM and grab attractive internet offers and enjoy 24 hours internet facility day and night. You can enjoy internet offers by recharging Tk 43, 44, and 109 by activating Airtel closed SIM.

4 GB internet offer

You can enjoy 4 GB internet offer by recharging Tk 43 on your Airtel SIM. With it you will get 40 minutes talk time. Its validity is 5 days. You can buy this offer as many times as you like.

  • 4GB + 40 minutes 43 taka recharge.
  • Validity 5 days.
  • As many times as you like.
5.5 GB internet offer

If you recharge 44 taka in Airtel closed SIM, you will get 5.5 GB internet offer. This offer is valid for 5 days. You can purchase this offer only once during the campaign.

  • 5.5 GB internet recharge 44Taka.
  • Validity 5 days.
  • This offer get one time
5 GB internet offer

If you recharge 109 taka on Airtel closed SIM kit, you will get 5 GB internet offer as well as 100 minutes talk time facility. Its validity is 30 days. You can buy this offer as many times as you like.

  • 5 GB + 100 minutes talk time 109 taka recharge.
  • Term 30 days.
  • As many times as you like.

For your convenience, today we have highlighted Airtel Off SIM Internet Offer in this post. We hope you enjoy the post and will benefit from it. If you have any questions or want to know the offer information of any other operator you can let us know. You must find the answers to all your questions on our page. Stay tuned to our page to learn all about Airtel and other operators. If you like the post, don’t forget to like and share.

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